Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics

Omri Kohl, Co- Founder & CEO,pyramid analytics governing insurance data for driving critical decision making

Xuber: Restructuring the Insurance Value Chain

Chris Baker, Executive Director,xuber

Three Trends for Insurance Technology Professionals

Kevin Bingham, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

STEP Solutions Group: Simplifying Underwriting Processes

STEP Solutions Group: Simplifying...

David Dillon, Co-founder,STEP Solutions Group

TransUnion [NYSE:TRU]: Data Analytics Transforming Underwriting

TransUnion [NYSE:TRU]: Data Analytics...

Jim Peck, President & CEO,TransUnion

StoneRiver: Claims Processing Made Simple

StoneRiver: Claims Processing Made Simple

Thomas Burke, Executive Chairman,StoneRiver

Safelite Solutions: Comprehensive Claims and Fleet Management

Safelite Solutions: Comprehensive...

Renee Cacchillo, Senior VP- Customer, Brand and Technology,Safelite Solutions

EnableSoft: Accelerating the Speed of Business

EnableSoft: Accelerating the Speed of...

Richard Milam, CEO,EnableSoft

Merimen Technologies: The Cornerstone of Insurance Collaboration

Merimen Technologies: The Cornerstone...

Trevor Lok, CEO,Merimen Technologies

From CIO to CIIIO- Being Chief Information Officer is No Longer Enough

From CIO to CIIIO- Being Chief...

Ron Guerrier, CIO, Farmers Insurance Group