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Aleksander Wistuba, President, Digital CareAleksander Wistuba, President
Although smartphones (PDAs) with advanced computing capabilities debuted in the late 1990’s, they gained much of their current popularity with the introduction of the Apple iPhone much later in 2007. Today, it is estimated that over five billion people have access to mobile devices and half of these are smartphones. With the increased number of smartphone users globally, rising incidence of accidental damage, theft, and device malfunction drives consumers toward mobile device insurance policies. Insurance vendors seek to leverage this opportunity offering the policies with features such as recovery, data protection, and extensive technical support. In this context, Digital Care, an insure-tech firm, comes with a platform delivering end-to-end solutions including protection for mobile devices, options for smartphone rental, refurbishment and buy-back. Digital Care leverages its unique know-how for protecting mobile devices to serve its customers and provide the highest quality repairs, collaborating with authorized service companies. Digital Care works with major telecoms as well as with leading resellers of mobile devices.

“Our answer to the sharing economy and the increasing demands of the millennial cohort who desire to have the latest smart phone models is the rent-a-phone program,” says Aleksander Wistuba, President of Digital Care. Through its leasing programs designed for mobile operators, consumers can access the latest smartphones available in the market more affordably. Digital Care’s solution provides consumers the freedom to upgrade to the latest smartphone model every year as well as flexibility and, lower monthly payment options. At the same time, it allows mobile operators to diversify their offer, gain competitive advantage and increase sales volume and data usage.

Digital Care is a one stop shop for operators servicing nearly 4 million clients. We continue to expand our innovative product portfolio as well as expanding geographically outside of Europe

Moreover, at the end of a contract, customers can decide whether to upgrade, return or purchase the device. Unexpected repairs to smartphones are a headache for everyone as it creates a sudden financial burden. Digital Care offers innovative mobile protection programs, which include a technical assessment of used smartphones before offering coverage.

Digital Care offers two such solutions: “Scanbox”, which checks the screen condition by scanning the device and “MirrorCheck”, which checks for screen cracks by capturing an image of the screen from placing the device in front of a mirror. If customers purchase devices through distributors rather from mobile operators, they approach the telco POS only for specific services. The sales person at the POS can suggest protection for their devices after assessing its physical condition using the app. Meanwhile, the sales person can also sell standard telco services.

“Digital Care is a one stop shop for telco operators and retailers and we maintain long-lasting cooperation with our clients,” mentions Wistuba. A particular client requested Digital Care to create a solution that could assess the physical condition of smartphones. Collaborating with the partner, the company introduced the dedicated, partner-branded “Mirrorcheck” app and integrated it with the partners’ database. The end user can download the app, enter the phone number, and capture a picture of the device using a mirror. The app then downloads all the customer data and adds the protection premium amount to his monthly telco bill.

Digital Care is one of a handful of companies in the market that provides comprehensive solutions covering finance, protection, servicing, refurbishment and buy-back. With nearly 4 million satisfied customers across Europe, Digital Care continues to introduce innovative new products and to expand geographically across Europe, CIS, Middle East and South East Asia.

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Digital Care

Warsaw, Poland

Aleksander Wistuba, President

Digital Care is one of the top insurtechs on the market providing solutions for the entire mobile device life cycle - financing the purchase, protection, repair services, buy back, refurbishment. Their business partners include mobile operators, phone manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce and others. They provide unique rent-a-phone programs and work with insurance providers and brokers to deploy innovative and popular device protection that enjoys unprecedented rates of adoption. Their unique product concepts appeal to all customer segments, enabling clients to provide peace of mind to more smart devices owners than ever before. Currently, the company operates in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia, and serves nearly 4 million customers globally