Information Builders

Gerald D. Cohen, President & CEO ,information builders innovative bi and integration solutions for insurance empowerment

SS&C Technologies

Bill Stone, CEO,ssc technologies transforming insurance with cloudbased strategic solutions

Delphi Technology OASIS: Fully Integrated Flexible Application Platform

Delphi Technology OASIS: Fully...

Sam Fang, CEO,Delphi Technology

Xuber: Restructuring the Insurance Value Chain

Xuber: Restructuring the Insurance...

Chris Baker, Executive Director,xuber

Helix Security: Integrating Security into the Core of the Organization

Helix Security: Integrating Security...

Dr. Kevin Streff, Founder & Director,Helix Security

ThreatMetrix: Forensically Spotting Cybercriminals and Preventing Insurance Fraud

ThreatMetrix: Forensically Spotting...

Reed Taussig, President & CEO,ThreatMetrix

To Improve ROI on Digital Transformation: Doctrines of Successful Implementation

To Improve ROI on Digital...

Sathyanarayanan Sethuraman, Principal, HCL

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants: Progressively Impacting Financial Risks

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants:...

John Hahn, Co-founder & CEO,EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants