Megaputer Intelligence

Megaputer Intelligence

Sergei Ananyan, CEO,megaputer intelligence leveraging big data to bring transformational changes in insurance

Echo Ridge Partners: Simplifying Policy Administration Operations

Chuck Cross, President, CTO & Co-founder, Stacy Butak, VP Quality Assurance & Co-founder,Echo Ridge Partners

Tourmaline Labs: Generating Rich Driver Analytics

Dr. Lukas Kuhn, CTO,Tourmaline Labs

Sapiens: One-Stop-Shop for Digital Era Insurers

Roni Al-Dor, President and CEO,Sapiens

Building an AI-Based Machine Learning for Global Economics

Building an AI-Based Machine Learning...

Alexander Fleiss, CIO & CEO, Rebellion Research Partners LP

Tuning into the Collective Voice of Our Customers

Tuning into the Collective Voice of Our...

Rahul Merchant, EVP & CIO, TIAA-CREF

Octo: Telematics Driven Claims Processing

Octo: Telematics Driven Claims Processing

Gianfranco Giannella, COO,Octo

Merimen Technologies: The Cornerstone of Insurance Collaboration

Merimen Technologies: The Cornerstone...

Trevor Lok, CEO,Merimen Technologies

Big Data for Better Insurance

Avani Desai, Principal & EVP, Schellman & Company, LLC

Big Data Has Big Changes in Store for Insurance Industry

Brad Bodell, SVP & CIO, CNO Financial Group, Inc.

Harnessing Technology for Improving the Assessment on Assets

Mark Lennon, CIO, North America, JLT Specialty USA

Evolving role of the CIO - Enabling Business Execution through Great Architecture and Application of Technology

Evolving role of the CIO - Enabling...

Greg Tacchetti, CIO, State Auto Insurance