3 Undeniable Benefits that Live Insurance Quote Engine can Offer

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Monday, November 25, 2019

It is an undeniable fact that having a real-time quote engine on the insurance website is vastly superior and more time-efficient than the manual quoting process.

FREMONT, CA: To maintain a competitive edge in the insurance market, insurance agencies have to work efficiently and strategically. Having the ability to present professional and accurate quotes quickly can put insurance agents in the driver’s seat of the sale. So, it is time for insurance agents in the competitive insurance sales arena to streamline their processes and invest in the live insurance quote engine. A real-time quote engine allows insurance agents to pull insurance quotes from multiple carriers automatically. With the power of real-time insurance quote engines, insurance agents can now do their job more efficiently. Know more about the benefits this tool provides for insurance agents.Top Insurtech Startups 

• Instant Customer Gratification

Competition for insurance leads is cutthroat in today’s world. If a prospect stumbles upon the site and cannot get what they want immediately, they will rush off to a competitor’s site. With a real-time quote engine on the websites, the insurance agency can provide live quotes. So live quoting is not an option but a necessity if insurance agents are looking to compete against the best.

• Several Quote Options for Prospects

If an insurance agency is manually entering prospect information into several separate carrier sites, creating various quotes on different files, it is likely skipping out on additional carriers and plan options to save time. By using a live real-time quoting engine, the insurance agency can prevent this from happening. With real-time quote engine, insurance agents can let their prospects make choices they want. If a prospect wants to add or remove a carrier or plan option, they can do it with the click of a button.

• Round the Clock Availability

Full-time availability of the agent is sure to fetch more insurance quotes. A real-time quoting engine can do this by being available a desk 24/7. With real-time, round the clock available quoting engine, insurance agencies can give consumers the chance to see what the agency offers, how agents help them, enabling instant sales. This saves valuable time and resources that agents can allocate in building and maintaining the relationship with customers.   

Advances in technology are reinvigorating the insurance sales industry, and insurance agents are finding values in real-time insurance quote engines.

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