Annuity, Life Insurance, and Retirement Solutions for Financial Advisors

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Insurance distribution is changing in the financial sector and the agents and brokers–retailers and wholesalers–need to assess the value of the insurance industry and the nature of its relationship in the coming years.

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, Simplicity Group Holdings, with more than 20,000 financial professionals, 100 partner agencies, and 30 dealer partners located all across the United States, is one of the largest and fastest growing financial marketing organizations. Simplicity brings together the strengths and passions of its leadership and partners to transform the financial services industry to develop solutions that assist advisors in offering their guests maximum service. Ten insurance distribution companies are acquired, and owned Simplicity provides life and retirement insurance solutions through its operating subsidiaries for independent insurance professionals, financial consultants, and their customers. In a strategy to boost business growth, Simplicity Group Holdings recently decided to partner with Davis Life & Annuity.

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Davis Life & Annuity was founded as a full service, wholesale life, and annuity brokering company with its headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa in 1980, to provide services to independent financial professionals. The focus of the organization is to provide its consultant customers with the highest quality products and services to provide consumers across the country with the best retirement earnings and asset protection solutions. In 2002, Jon and Trent Davis bought Ronald Davis from their father and had since been working to help their customers to build thriving financial companies. They expanded the product and services offering of Davis Life & Annuity to include the life insurance company TPA, the Innovative Underwriting Solutions and have increased the company to 31 team members. Davis Life & Annuity has become one of the top marketing insurance companies.

As the 11th organization to join the group of enterprises, Davis Life & Annuity represents a further milestone for Simplicity. Every operating company in Simplicity is managed by its local management team but can access the resources of Simplicity. Simplicity aims to offer sophisticated business solutions that attract the industry’s best in leadership, talent, advisors, and future partners through its acquisition and partnership by major insurance distributors and technology companies. Over the next few years, Simplicity will continue to add new companies to its existing community.

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