Broadridge's Strategic Approach for Business Growth

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 09, 2019

In the financial sector, technology has created many milestones, and the best is yet to come. Many financial institutions have been prevailing in the online market to provide solutions to companies’ employees regarding their financial needs. Numerous financial institutions have changed their money handling process with the peculiar advancements. Broadridge Financial Solutions is one of the leading companies that provide unique financial solutions for the welfare of the employees. Broadridge helps employees to take advantage of the pension and other welfare factors.  A $4 billion-worth global fintech leader, the company provides unique technology-driven solutions, handling profitable trade daily from North American households. The company also manages the shareholder voting in around 90 countries.

Numerous employers today depend on the health benefits provided by Broadridge. The employers have a significant portion of health insurance premiums. After all, the companies will get tax deductions, and the workers will get tax-free benefits. Broadridge also provides group life insurance, short-term disability insurance, and long-term disability insurance, including death benefits. Retirement plans give employees security and remain as an income at a later point. With the help of the several pension plans that Broadridge provides, businesses can help the employees to save and invest in their retirement.

Recently, the board of directors in Broadridge Financial Solutions announced Tim Gokey as the director of the company in December 2018.  Gokey was Broadridge’s president and chief operating officer. Gokey joined Broadridge in 2010 to lead the company’s growth. In 2012, he became the chief operating officer and the president in 2017. He will now be leading the company as the CEO. Les Brun, Broadridge’s independent Chairman of the Board, states, “We are pleased to welcome Tim to the Broadridge Board of Directors. He has been a champion of our corporate culture and has a deep understanding of our clients.”

Broadridge has become a global fintech leader after frequent acquisitions of companies and expansion through organic investments. Its securities help its clients to have a significant decrease in their capital investments.

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