Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Launches Program TEST/DRIVE, Enabling Simpler Evaluation

Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 04, 2019

David Graves, Executive Vice President

FREMONT, CA: Accessibility to data is key to the digital transformation that helps insurers drive customer experience and improve decisions. Insurance companies face many challenges related to data access and management. Tailoring unique data source evaluation program to serve this end, Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. (DMS) launches TEST/DRIVE™, a one-stop access management solution to enable clients to evaluate new as well as established data sources easily.  

Companies face many challenges, and gaining access to data and TEST/DRIVE™ will significantly simplify the processes. The essential features of the new release include the ability to connect clients to all participating data sources after a single agreement. Further, the client gets to determine the value of specific data sources by providing a test population before opting any source. Ultimately, TEST/DRIVE™ offers a safe and secure platform for testing and evaluation.

Talking about the exciting new development Mark Dreux, Vice President of Business Development, DMS said "I am thrilled to be launching a program that will bring a great deal of value to our clients, and reinforce our position as the industry-leading provider of centralized connectivity, analytics, and warehousing. Our clients have always relied on DMS for access to the data they need, and now with TEST/DRIVE™ they’ll be able to evaluate new data before they buy it.”

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. has been placed in the global list of top ten insurance analytics service providers, 2019. The rich expertise of DMS allows insurance companies to gain a better understanding of their customers and help them effectively predict and manage risks. "Our approach has evolved from simply providing data access to helping leading companies harness the power of that data through advanced analytics," added Dreux.

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. is a company providing global risk management solutions with the help of accessible data and data management tools, thereby assisting organizations in informed decision-making. The company offers product suites that help deliver secure access to clients from the financial sector and credit bureaus. The services and solutions provided by the company include data warehousing, analytics and applications, scoring models, and various kinds of business solutions customized according to the requirements of the client.  

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