Equifax Broadens their Unemployment Cost Management Solutions

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

ST. LOUIS, MO: Equifax Workforce Solutions, a provider of human resource, data, analytics and verifications services, broadens its Unemployment Cost Management solutions for employers facilitating management of unemployment claims processes and compliant claims response.

Increasing unemployment costs and the elaborated rules and regulations related to unemployment claims response has complicated the process of compliance maintenance. Several variances exist in the unemployment processes adopted by states which are complicating the scenario, and this is where expanded Equifax Workforce Solution enters and facilitates unemployment cost management program.

Effective unemployment cost management is brought about by the solution by providing consistent claims response through CaseBuilder, expert consultation, advanced analytics and benefit charge audits. It facilitates the maintenance of unemployment cost savings and compliant claims response.

"By increasing the configurability of our Unemployment Cost Management solution, we can work with our clients to determine which features best complement their processes and goals, enabling them to manage unemployment costs in the most cost-effective manner," says Bob Austin, VP, UC Operations, Equifax Workforce Solutions With this solution customers can leverage CaseBuilder, company’s claims management platform to manage in-house claims. This also allows flexibility to combine with other Unemployment Cost Management services according to the needs.

Anir Pradhan, Senior VP, Marketing, Equifax states that Equifax Workforce Solutions fully understands that as the regulatory landscape surrounding unemployment claims continues to evolve, employers' needs are changing as well," says Anir Pradhan, Senior VP Marketing, Equifax.

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