How Mobile Tech Maximizes the Performance of Insurance Agent and the Broker

By Pamela Morgan, Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Insurers need to invest in mobile technology—the vital tool for information access—as it serves as a channel to increase productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Insurers have high expectations of growing their businesses, increasing self-service, reducing business risk, lowering operational costs, and enhancing productivity. To cope with this, insurers have already digitized a lot of their processes for the consumers online, but insurance agents, advisors, and brokers in the field are often left using outdated technology or even paper-based documentation. So how can agents and brokers perform better in this highly competitive environment? The role of mobile technology becomes clear here. Know more here.Broker Management

Mobile technology gives up-to-date and accurate policy information to the agents with a click of a button and allows them the knowledge they need to match clients with the best policies. Mobile tech also decreases the time to search for product brochures and customer profiles. With immediate access to their information library, agents no longer have to sift through bulky paper binders or cluttered online storage solutions. With these, insurance firms can ramp up agents even faster by giving them a platform that maximized their opportunities for success.

As brokers work with different insurers, organizations must find creative ways to keep their policy offerings top of mind. With millennials flooding the brokerage field, insurers must change their approaches to appeal to a mobile-first generation. Incorporation of mobile technology increases the mind share on high-profile products with unique, engaging, dynamic educational material that is accessible on their mobile devices. This also helps them to differentiate the company and its offerings with embedded interactive content, like video or timeline. Mobile technology also minimizes the risk of employee misinformation by separating what needs to be memorized and what does not. Agents and brokers can access policy details from their mobile devices anywhere anytime, eliminating the risk of brokers communicating inaccurate information with clients.

When steep competition in the insurance market makes profitability a challenge, companies must optimize their business operations so that they can deliver positive business results. With mobile technology, insurers can increase the productivity of their workforce by streamlining the way they work.

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