Insurtech Startup Ennabl Joins Hands With Data Classification Specialist Relativity6

Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, April 21, 2022

Fremont, CA: Insurtech startup ennabl and data classification specialist Relativity6 have entered into a partnership enabling insurance brokers to use Relativity6's revolutionary search and classification technology to recognize accurate customer industry classifications from within ennabl. Relativity6 uses machine learning technologies to provide ennabl users with the best information about their customers and tailored insurance advice instead of searching through outdated and static company databases.

It can be difficult to determine a company's industry, but it is critical information for insurance brokers to recommend the right types of coverage to their clients and develop highly profitable niches. The majority of brokers face significant challenges in this area because the information in their systems is frequently out of date, incomplete, or incorrect.

Relativity6 approaches this problem in a novel way, training machine-learning technology to scan publicly available information about a business, such as reviews, press releases, websites, and social media, and identify the best industry classification in real-time, instead of building large, rapidly obsolete databases of business classifications. Relativity6 can now be used by insurance brokers who use the ennablDATA platform to improve their knowledge of all customers and prospects.

Alan Ringvald, President and CEO at Relativity6 stated, "Accurately categorizing small business is absolutely critical for insurance brokers to best serve their clients. Our partnership with ennabl will allow insurance producers to use Relativity6 to improve their relationships with their clients."

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