Lex Machina Launches Comprehensive Tax Litigation Module

Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 25, 2019

MENLO PARK, CA - Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company, today announced the 14th expansion of its award-winning Legal Analytics® platform with its new Tax Litigation module covering more than 12,000 tax cases pending in federal district court* since 2009. Tax disputes in the module include claims filed by the United States government for delinquent taxes, claims filed by taxpayers for refunds, actions to enjoin fraudulent or negligent tax preparation services, and more.

With the release of the new module, tax litigators can now use Lex Machina’s proprietary Legal Analytics to uncover strategic insights for the federal district court tax cases they care about. In addition to being able to see historical filing trends, practitioners can use the module to gain data-based insights about the judges, courts, law firms, individual attorneys, and parties involved in a case. Until now, this information has simply not been available to tax litigators.

“Before Legal Analytics, tax attorneys had to base case strategy almost exclusively on their own experience and anecdotal information from other attorneys,” said Anne Wise Kann, Legal Data Expert at Lex Machina. “Being able to instantly identify opposing IRS attorneys, analyze their litigation behavior and gather data-driven insights on case resolutions, damages and timing is a game-changer in terms of helping prepare litigation strategies and providing informed counsel to clients.”

With Legal Analytics, litigators can now answer, with precision, questions such as: How much experience does a specific judge have hearing tax-related matters in District Court? Which law firms have the most experience representing taxpayers in refund cases in the District of New Jersey? How often do judges in a given district award tax or penalty damages in cases brought by the IRS? How long can a litigant expect to wait for a tax case to go to trial before a particular judge?

As with all Legal Analytics modules, Lex Machina worked closely with experienced tax litigators, professionals and other experts to develop practice-specific data tags and filters. This enables users to find the most detailed, relevant information about cases that are most like theirs. Among the new case tags, damages categories and findings include:

• Case Tags: IRS Summons, Tax Preparer Penalty and Partnership Items
• Damages: Tax / Penalty Assessed and Refund
• Findings: Reduction of Tax Claim to Judgment, Foreclosure of Federal Tax Lien, Enforcement of IRS Summons, Valid Lien, Erroneous / Improper Refund, Tax Refund / Abatement of Penalty, Wrongful Levy, Wrongful / Erroneous Tax Assessment, Unlawful Disclosure, Fraud, Negligence, Readjustment of Partnership Items, Responsible Party, Quiet Title, Tax Exempt, IRS Statute of Limitations Defense, Estoppel, Failure to Follow Proper Procedural Requirements, Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies, and Standing.

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