Merchants Insurance Group Launches Account Quote Platform for Insurance Agents

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

BUFFALO, NY: Merchants Insurance Group, a property and casualty insurance company that offers financial protection to individuals and business owners has announced Account Quote platform to help agents in working with business initiative in an easier way.

The Account Quote platform helps agents in creating new quotes and add new ones to the already existing ones thereby creating a one-stop shopping system to the agents in writing insurance with merchants. With this platform, there is no need type lost information into a computer again for multiple quotes, single entry is sufficient. The platform can quickly and easily process “round out” accounts thereby allowing agents to easily add policies to an existing policyholder’s portfolio offering an additional insurance coverage.

The platform automatically creates quotes called ‘Commercial Umbrella’ quote for the clients to offer additional liability coverage if their documents qualify the underlying policies. The account management screen platform helps the agents in managing all the necessary policies for the client.

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