The Sapiens DECISION Suite is Now Available with Enhanced Ease of Use

Insurance CIO Outlook | Monday, September 17, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Sapiens International Corporation, a firm that offers innovative software solutions in the financial services sector announced the availability of its upgraded Sapiens DECISION Suite. The suite effectively facilitates optimum ease of integration with enterprise applications.

The Sapiens DECISION Suite is not only considered as an effective decision management solution, but also known as a business tool that enables the modeling, discovery, validation, management and testing of business logic. By leveraging the efficiency of the suite, enterprises will gain the ability to create, deploy, and maintain enhanced user experience across all the sectors.

Model-based application development is a vital aspect that serves as a basic priority for the Sapiens DECISION Suite v6.1. In simple words, it is a suite that deals with business decision management that effectively identifies the complexity involved in converting business logic into code. International Data Corporation (IDC), a global provider of market intelligence predicts that the model-based application development process is expected to hit the $8.8 billion mark by 2020.

“Ease of integration with enterprise applications will enable organizations to quickly execute decisions that connect to relevant data, speeding up decision application development and execution, which reduces costs,” says Kramer Reeves, Vice President, Product Marketing, Sapiens DECISION.

Benefits of the Suite include deployment of regression testing and continuous integration aimed at boosting the release quality and the time to market. The suite also delivers enhanced granularity of a community level security control, and a complete customization of the data’s display patterns.

Sapiens Suite facilitates top-notch modeling capabilities to define a customized list of functions focused on building complex decision models in a simplified manner. With elevated levels of security, stability and performance, the suite also provides updated versions of the third-party components.

“Sapiens believes the 6.1 upgrade will help our customers stay ahead of their competitors and evolve to meet changing market needs more quickly,” adds Reeves.

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