Workforce Engagement in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) must be paralleled with a significant change in the work culture. Current jobs are bound to change while batches of new jobs will appear. Thus, it is essential for an organization to create an evolving work environment and broaden the skill set of its workforce. Right support and training will boost the confidence of the employees, thereby enhancing the performance of the company.

Organizations are already using AI technologies to streamline business processes. Redundant and mundane jobs are automated, cutting out the employee requirement for such tasks. The employees are focusing on more productive aspects concerned, such as creating strategies or analyzing the trends for business growth.

Automation’s impact

Jobs incorporating manual efforts such as in high-structured environment or data processing jobs will see declines. High-wage jobs like for high-skill professionals will grow significantly. Other requirements, with low wage structure that will have a demand, include teachers and nursing aides. However, with high-pace technological and business transformation in effect, creativity driven job niches are expected to grow. Skills like creative and cognitive thinking will also be in high demand.

Based on the above perspectives, organizations have an opportunity to prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges.

Fostering a Learning Culture

An organization must be clear on how it wants to use AI practically. Then the role of HR team becomes crucial. They need to map the skill sets that are present and those that are required for the transformation. But the most critical step is to promote a learning environment throughout the organization. Employees should be encouraged to enhance their skill set. They should be allowed to experiment, refine, and retry to have a better understanding of the new processes.

Occupations in the Digital Age

Automation will take away the mundane task while giving rise to new job requirements. AI-driven era can be seen as a problem or as a challenge. While there will be a reduction in routine jobs, there will also be new jobs that will require new skill sets. Thus it is imperative for the government and organization to spend on human capital. Equipping the mid-career and young workforce with a relevant skill set will ensure growth, stability, and business gains.

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