Ever-Increasing Data and the Changing Landscape
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William John Streitberg, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Hong Leong Bank Berhad

We are all very lucky to be living in one of the most interesting ages the world has ever seen, some may call it the information age, but I like to refer to it as the age of data and the age of customer. The world has been accelerating at an ever...

Blockchain in Insurance - Towards one single and efficient version of the truth
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Mark Bloom, Global Chief Technology Officer, Aegon

Behind the façade of a worldwide provider of insurance, you can see people working hard. The reason for this is that at the heart of the insurance industry are legacy processes to make sure that every customer gets what he or she is...

Trust Link - Maximizing Benefits of Blockchain through a Consortia Approach
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Pat Schmid, Vice President, The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance

The blockchain, a distributed database and ledger that maintains a growing list of digital records, has the potential to redefine insurance operations and help the insurance industry overcome many of its current challenges. Using a decentralized...

Death Of The Branch? Only If We Risk-Assess Them To Oblivion
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Scott McGillivray, EVP & CIO, Pacific Continental Bank

I’m going to ask you to play a game with me.  More of a thought experiment, actually.  I can’t promise it will be fun, and I’m not sure every reader is going to get the same result, but that’s what makes this...

Upcoming Trends in Mobile App Development
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Alexey Makarov, CEO, Qulix Systems

The main computing focus is gradually shifting away from traditional desktop PCs to mobile devices, and the two major reasons for this are as follows: • Mobile apps market is growing. This growth is made especially conspicuous against the...

Compliance-Not Only For Banks
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Bassam Alousi, Director-Technology, White Clarke Group

Due to the global finance market regulations, Banks and Financial Institutions are forced to comply with several regulatory requirements. In the past, these regulatory requirements were specific to the Banking and Financing Organizations. In...

Automation Helps IT be a Valuable Business Partner
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Sandy Figurski, CIO, Horace Mann [NYSE:HMN]

Over the past several years of being a CIO, I have learned not just the value of knowing the business, but the need to know the processes and tactics that make it work. It is not sufficient to be a technologist. The key is to understand how...

Innovation is the Key to Success
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Kim Jacques, CIO, Lombard International

What do you see as a big challenge in technology today? If you were to write down a wish list, what solutions are you looking forward to and what are your expectations from technology providers? In my opinion, the biggest challenge we face...

Industry Change Demands New Actuarial-IT Partnership
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Michael Hughes, Principal

Is it true? Will MetLife separate from its retail business in the US? No doubt the insurance industry is undergoing tremendous change, and the pace of restructuring and change is accelerating. As companies innovate–and accounting and...

Franklin Mutual Enhances Productivity with ISCS's SurePower Innovation
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SAN JOSE, CA: Franklin Mutual, an insurance company has recently collaborated with ISCS, provider of software and services to the P&C insurance industry. Franklin Mutual has selected ISCS’s SurePower Innovation , the modern enterprise...

Connexion Insurance Goes Live with VUE Software's Distributor Accelerator Suite
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Insurance CIO Outlook

COCONUT CREEK, FL: VUE Software, a provider of insurance distribution management, incentive compensation, and sales performance software solutions has announced that Connexion Insurance Solutions, previously known as Ucentris Insured Solutions, an...

Merchants Insurance Group Launches Account Quote Platform for Insurance Agents
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Insurance CIO Outlook

BUFFALO, NY: Merchants Insurance Group, a property and casualty insurance company that offers financial protection to individuals and business owners has announced Account Quote platform to help agents in working with business initiative...

Flexible, Secure and Time-Effective Software Solutions Address the Challenges of the Insurance Industry
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Andrey Hankevych, Chief Global Strategist, CTO, ELEKS

The financial services industry today is a mixture of both opportunities and challenges, which include exponential growth in emerging markets, shrinking operating margins, a tighter regulatory framework, and competition from new market entrants....

Diastasys: Future-proof Insurance Solutions Based on Microsoft Dynamics
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Angelos Kontos, Founder & Technical Manager

Provides future-proof enterprise software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technologies for core insurance applications

Zventus: A Strategy-First Approach to Success
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Angel Alban, President

Provides global outsourcing services for sales, marketing, operations, and technology with their unique strategy-first approach for superior results

Cloverleaf Analytics: Insurance Analytics and Business Intelligence Redefined
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Robert C. Clark, President & CEO

Provides an end-to-end insurance BI solution that gives access to real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across the entire enterprise

APL: Commission Accounting Made Easier
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Jay Su, President

Provider of agency management and commission-accounting software

Virtual Benefits Administrator: Heralding the Era of Real-Time Claim Processing
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Tom Witter, President

The company provides leading-edge cloud-based benefits administration solution that delivers value over complexity

ChainThat: Leveraging Blockchain to Optimize (Re)Insurance Processes
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David Edwards, CEO

A specialized (re)insurance insurtech firm, offering decentralized enterprise collaboration solutions through its innovative Insurance Blockchain Framework

United Systems and Software, Inc.: Being an Industry Leader in Customer Service and Technology
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Keith M. Fischer, President

Developing and offering software solutions and professional services catering specifically to the insurance industry

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