Six Emerging Security and Risk Management Trends
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With the impact of cybersecurity on business outcomes, Gartner has identified six key trends for business leaders to take leverage and improve enterprise resilience and elevate business standing. Protecting Corporate Reputation  With...

Balancing Priorities in a Transactional Environment
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Behz Naini, VP, Giesecke & Devrient Systems Canada, Inc.

In a growing, highly competitive, and heavily regulated environment, such as in the financial industry, CIOs need to frequently make trade-offs in handling three different sets of requests: day-to-day, projects, and new innovations. “The...

Using Low Cost, Off-the-shelf Mobile Apps to Build Flexible Mobile Solutions
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Kevin Madsen, Technical Services Group Manager, Stanley Consultants

You have probably read numerous articles and blogs about the accelerating rate of change in business as well as technology. Change in the corporate world is happening at an increasingly rapid pace due to new customer demands and new project...

Technology Infusion Making Us Smarter and Quicker
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Jeff Huebner, Chief Risk Officer, CSAA Insurance Group

How can technology be used to mitigate rising Risk Management costs? Managing risk is a very deliberate, measured discipline, and it operates this way for a number of important and obvious reasons. However, some of the new technologies...

Unique Approach to Mitigate External Threats
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Curt Overpeck, CIO, Citizens

Using Technology to Mitigate Risk Management Costs With respect to IT risk management, technology can cost-effectively eliminate or mitigate external threats originating from email or web-based sources. Examples would be identification and...

Consumer Insight, Experimentation and Other Winning Strategies for the Insurance Disruption Game
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Louise Billmeyer, VP & CIO-U.S. Insurance Solutions, Principal Financial Group

When you hear the word insurance in a business context, what comes to mind? Complex products? Slowness-to-change? An important, if not enthralling, topic? They’re all fair responses. After all, we’retalking about an industry that...

Agile Teams Collaborate to Produce Positive Results
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Terree Korpita, AVP, Technology Capability Officer, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company and Unum

In today’s tight economy, companies must get the most value for their dollar, and no one understands an investment like an IT organization. It takes time, energy and resources to integrate new systems and make improvements while maintaining...

The Recipe for Running a Successful IT Organization
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Julia Davis, SVP and CIO, Aflac

Some people view cooking as a science and others see it as an art –for me, it’s both. You can have a stunning chocolate cake (my favorite), but if you accidentally switch the sugar and the salt – the aesthetics won’t matter...

The Elements Of Impact: Lessons Learned From Insurer It Projects
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Matthew Josefowicz, President & CEO, Novarica

Whether a project’s goal is to address immediate business needs or to ensure long-term IT sustainability, CIOs planning and executing these projects know to learn from experience: both their own and others’, both successes and...

How an Agile Approach Helped Aflac Extend Its Industry Claim to Fame
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Julia Davis, CIO , Aflac

Every CIO has been there. We’ve all gotten a request that seems impossible at the time and have been tasked with doing something beyond conventional methods. When my CEO Dan Amos first brought up the idea of paying eligible claims in a...

Japanese Insurance Co. Deploys Guidewire ClaimCenter for Efficient Claims Management
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Tokyo and Froster City, CA–– Guidewire Software announced the full deployment of Guidewire ClaimCenter as new auto insurance claims management system by Mitsui Direct General Insurance Company, early this year. A major Japanese...

BriteCore: One-stop shop for Insurers
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Phil Reynolds, CEO & Co-Founder

Offers enterprise-level software to aid insurers in improving security, efficiency, and durability at scale

Elixir Technologies: Agile Disruption: Insurance Economies of Sharing
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Basit Hamid, CEO

Provides cloud CCM technology and services that improve regulated correspondence, customer communication and underlying processes

Sapiens Stingray System: A Policy Processing Workhorse
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Roni Al-Dor, President & CEO

AP&C solution for policy, billing, claims and reinsurance, with BI, imaging and document management

SAMBASAFETY: Accurately Pricing Risk
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Richard Crawford, CEO

Breaking new ground by bringing affordable data back into the quote process

Agile Financial Technologies Automating Insurance Operations through State-of-Art Solutions
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Kalpesh Desai, CEO

Provider of on-demand software solutions focused on insurance companies, enabling business prpocess consulting, outsourcing and Infrastructure and managed services...