3 Ways AI and Machine Learning Impact the Future of Insurance
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Joe Orr, EVP Insurance, Clearlink

Over the past 20 years, we have seen the tremendous changes in technology upend the trajectory of every industry. At the leading edge of this push to transform is artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential power in allowing machines to carry...

Consumerization of IT in the Insurance Industry
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Brad Hildestad, CIO, COUNTRY Financial

What are the challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the insurance space? Many industries are going through significant change and the insurance industry is no different. Technology is driving a fundamental shift in consumer...

Serving Kindness through Ameliorated Workflows
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Ramu Kannan, Former CIO, CityMD

At CityMD, our vision is to serve kindness. Our workflows are geared towards enabling all our staff to serve kindness in everything they do. As the IT leader, my job is to scan the technology landscape continuously. I see what innovative...

Digital Transformation - The essential journey for large-scale companies
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Kenan Bubela, AVP Enterprise Digital and Marketing Solutions, USAA

In a world where customer expectations are shaped and measured by digital interactions, the recipe for long-term success extends well beyond the enabling technology. Companies that continue to be relevant are those that invest in the necessary...

Mainframe Modernization and its Impact on the Insurance Industry
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Greg Lotko, General Manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies

Digital transformation has become the norm for every company today. Organizations interact with their customers across oceans through computers and digital interfaces. In the banking and finance arena, for instance, the evolution has been...

Three Ways AI and Machine Learning Impact the Future of Insurance
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Joe Orr, EVP Insurance, Clearlink

Over the past 20 years, we have seen the tremendous changes in technology upend the trajectory of every industry. At the leading edge of this push to transform is artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential power in allowing machines to carry...

Back to the Future: 100 Years of Disruption
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Marik Brockman, VP, Strategy & Partnerships, CSAA Insurance Group

When you’re sneaking up on your 105th birthday, it’s probably fair to say that you have seen a few changes in your time. In 1914, CSAA Insurance Group, the AAA insurer for 23 states and Washington, D.C., was founded by a small...

A Closer Look at Block Chain Technology
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John Shea, CIO, Eaton Vance

As the CIO of Eaton Vance, I’d be compelled to say that the role of a CIO has advanced over the years.Fortunately, I started off in financial services and got some first-hand experience on software development and was able to inculcate...

Strategize in Sync with Evolution of Work Culture
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Brian LeClaire, CIO, Humana

Challenges and solutions As a health care company building an integrated care delivery model, our challenge in enabling integrated care delivery was having the right  technologies in place and developing key talent and a values-based work...

Changing Insurance with Next-Generation Technology
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The proliferation of big data in the insurance industry has transformed the dynamics of formulating policies that would help businesses prosper. Actuarial calculations are being done by analyzing the data sources--making them more accurate and...

Data and Analytics Strategy in a Rapidly Changing World
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Marilyn Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Allstate Insurance Company

Never has so much data been available to assess insurance risk from so many sources. Building for and maintaining flexibility and modularity in architecture will be key elements to success. Historically, insurance underwriting and claims data...

Ready. Set. Go Mobile! Low Code Platforms Assist Enterprises in Developing Better Mobile Apps, Faster
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Richard Rabins, CEO and Founder, Alpha Software Corporation

The Promise of Enterprise Mobility You see it every day: employees use an average of three different devices in their daily routine and require constant on-demand data accessibility and freedom from their desktops. Research shows that...

Fintech Enablement- How Emerging Technology Trends are Impacting the Banking CIO
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Bill Genovese, Principal, WGroup

Blockchain, fintech, big data and IoT are just some of the buzzwords of new technology the Banking CIO has to sift through. How is this impacting the CIO and how can they take advantage of the new technol­ogy? Or, is this just a hype, which is...

Harnessing Technology for Improving the Assessment on Assets
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Mark Lennon, CIO, North America, JLT Specialty USA

1. How can the evolving Insurance Industry help overcome the challenges? A large issue faced by all data driven industries is that of poor quality and slow data. This often leads to poor business decisions being made due to the low-value...

Unique Approach to Mitigate External Threats
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Curt Overpeck, CIO, Citizens

Using Technology to Mitigate Risk Management Costs With respect to IT risk management, technology can cost-effectively eliminate or mitigate external threats originating from email or web-based sources. Examples would be identification and...

Information Security is More than Information Technology
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Nick Coussoule, SVP & CIO, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Training. Education. Role play. More training. These are the key ingredients of a secure organization, because at its core, information security is about people. Generally they are the weakest link in the security chain, yet they are also...

Big Data, Big Opportunities: How Insurers Can Innovate
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Kevin Miller, CIO, Missouri Employers Mutual

Insurance companies have always had access to volumes of data, but the ability for technology to process massive amounts of data faster provides more information about customers than ever before. With better access to third-party and sensor data,...

Consumer Insight, Experimentation and Other Winning Strategies for the Insurance Disruption Game
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Louise Billmeyer, VP & CIO, U.S. Insurance Solutions, Principal Financial Group

When you hear the word insurance in a business context, what comes to mind? Complex products? Slowness-to-change? An important, if not enthralling, topic? They’re all fair responses. After all, we’retalking about an industry that...

Agile Teams Collaborate to Produce Positive Results
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Terree Korpita, AVP, Technology Capability Officer, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company and Unum

In today’s tight economy, companies must get the most value for their dollar, and no one understands an investment like an IT organization. It takes time, energy and resources to integrate new systems and make improvements while maintaining...

Underwriting Workstations Enable Insurance Transformation
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John Belizaire, CEO, FirstBest Systems

A transformational outlook is emerging among chief information officers in property/casualty insurance companies. It is a mandate for change and technology enabled growth. In pursuing this mandate, insurance CIOs and their business counter parts...

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