Pro-Actively Using Predictive Modeling in Insurance
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Scott Stevens, Vice President, Underwriting Workers’ Compensation, AmTrust Financial

We live in a time of data. Data predicts how we eat, shop, communicate, watch certain programming, and even how we vote. Companies take that data and then target specific advertising when we are on social media or searching online predicting that...

Tools for Seamless Blockchain Application Testing
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Blockchain is widely being adopted across most of the prominent industries. By its unique design, blockchain works based on a decentralized technology, eliminating the risks that could occur with centralization of data. Testing is a critical part...

The Road to Success in the Insurance Industry
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Caribou Honig, Chairman and Cofounder, InsureTech Connect

Cloud. Smartphones. Genomics. Blockchain. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. All are important technologies for insurance. All have their advocates and in a few cases their zealots (looking at you, Blockchain community). Some may prove disruptive...

Business Intelligence Contextual Delivery: A Necessary Ingredient To Create and Maintain a Lean Organization
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Benjamin Bomhoff, Vice President of Enterprise Systems, Security First Insurance Company

Most of us have gotten the basics down: we have organized our data, created a data dictionary, locked down business logic, have a reliable ETL process, all of which produces a single source of truth. We’ve selected our Business Intelligence...

Chatbots Reborn - A Renaissance for the Humble Bot
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Christopher Frankland, Digital Enterprise Architect, Ameritas

Chatbots for a long time have existed to amuse, frustrate and at times entertain (albeit unintentionally). The term "ChatterBot" was originally coined by Michael Mauldin (creator of the first Verbot, Julia) in 1994 to describe...

Legacy Modernization in the Age of InsurTech
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Brahm Sharma, CIO, Aon

There is a lot of excitement around InsurTech. According to CB Insights, the number of funding deals in InsurTech increased from 91 in 2014 to 173 in 2016. Investment in Q3 of 2017 was 35 percent higher than in Q3 of 2016. This high level of...

For InsureTech to Flourish, Carriers Must Ensure Tech
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Parker Barrile, Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, said that the “Web 3.0” era will be driven by data. I lived through that transition in my past life at LinkedIn, where I was VP of Product Management from 2009 to 2014. Our business model was...

The Secure Cloud for Insurance Carriers
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Michael Stoeckert, CTO, ProAssurance

Public clouds are the most recognized form of cloud in many industries, but private and hybrid clouds dominate regulated industries. In a private cloud, all resources in the operating environment are dedicated to a single client. This ensures...

Digital Experience
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Randy Robinson, VP of IT, Customer Solution, Unum [NYSE:UNM]

Customer Expectations When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007 followed closely by Google’s Android phone in 2008, the digital landscape began to change. As adoption of the new smartphones increased, customers became increasingly...

eSURETY: Empowering Tomorrow's Surety Needs Today!
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Daniel Buckles, Owner

Provides carriers, brokers, MGA/MGU, as well as agents with an automated underwriting bonding platform to provide a holistic and exceptional surety experience throughout the bond lifecycle

Wellmo: Platform and Ecosystem Approach in Preventive Health
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Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO

Wellmo helps insurance companies and health brands to leverage mobile health technologies and improve their market reach Analytics-in-a-box Platform with Powerful Unstructured Data AI
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Rishi Jain, CEO, Srikanth Gurunathan, CTO and Udayakumar Rajamani, CPO

Stream-analyze-predict structured and unstructured data and in real-time by configuring insurance specific analytics apps

Bold Penguin: Small Commercial Insurance Experts
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Ilya Bodner, Founder & CEO

The insurtech innovator company, which is based in Columbus, reduces the friction out of commercial insurance. The products of the company are a powerful recommendation engine, single-interface, multiple-quote capability, user-controlled carrier...

WaterStreet Company: Insurance for the Future
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Carol Barton, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Delivers value to small and midsize P&C insurers by supporting their operational and technology needs so they can work more efficiently, manage headcount and cost, and focus on their core objectives

iPipeline: One Platform for New Business and Underwriting, Policy Administration, and Digital Distribution
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Tim Wallace, CEO

Provides an integrated platform to support the marketing, selling and processing needs of the financial services industry

Elixir Technologies: Agile Disruption: Insurance Economies of Sharing
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Basit Hamid, CEO

Provides cloud CCM technology and services that improve regulated correspondence, customer communication and underlying processes

Location, Inc.: Predicting Unaccounted-for Risk of Insurance Losses by Location
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Dr. Andrew Schiller, Founder & CEO

Offers location-based technologies to help insurers make informed decisions

Octo: Telematics Driven Claims Processing
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Gianfranco Giannella, COO

Global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions to streamline the entire crash-to-claim process for the auto insurance industry

Risk Based Security: Combating Cyber Threats using Analytics
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Barry Kouns, President & CEO

Offers customized solutions and analytics based on potential risks for securing enterprise data

Verisk Analytics: [Nasdaq:Vrsk]: Transformational Insurance Analytics
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Scott Stephenson, Chairman, President, & CEO

Verisk Analytics draws on unique data assets and deep domain expertise to provide first-to-market innovations that are integrated into customer workflows

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