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Unique Approach to Mitigate External Threats
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Curt Overpeck, CIO, Citizens

Using Technology to Mitigate Risk Management Costs With respect to IT risk management, technology can cost-effectively eliminate or mitigate external threats originating from email or web-based sources. Examples would be identification and...

Big Data for Better Insurance
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Avani Desai, Principal & EVP, Schellman & Company, LLC

Based in China, ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co. (“ZhongAn”) has taken the insurance world by storm by offering a series of unusual and unique insurance policies, such as those aimed at supporters during the 2014 World Cup by...

Building an AI-Based Machine Learning for Global Economics
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Alexander Fleiss, CIO & CEO, Rebellion Research Partners LP

There are two main approaches towards creating an Artificial Intelligence technology or any intelligent program. The first approach to creating Artificial Intelligence was rule-based.  One would code into the computer a set of rules or...

Insurance Consulting Group SpA: Insurance Management Powered by Artificial Intelligence
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Gustavo G. Antongiovanni, President

Offers technological solutions and services for improving insurance management

Intellect SEEC: Underwriting Redefined
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Pranav Pasricha, Partner & CEO

Provides automated underwriting and risk analysis solutions to boost the speed to market, using artificial intelligence and analytics

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