Moving from a Traditional to a Digital Insurer for the Future
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Ketan Pandit, CIO, QBE North America

The move to digital has been very profound over the past few years across a number of industries like retail, consumer products, banking, hospitality and travel. But what does being digital mean and most importantly in the insurance context?...

Data Analytics for Connected Cars
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Hillol Kargupta, President, Agnik

Modern cars have thousands of sensors Modern cars have thousands of sensors for monitoring and controlling different sub-systems. Moreover, cars have context such as location, performance history, and financial history. As cars get connected over...

From CIO to CIIIO- Being Chief Information Officer is No Longer Enough
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Ron Guerrier, CIO, Farmers Insurance Group

While IT professionals have always worked in a fast-paced and high-pressured environment, changes in the insurance industry require faster, better integrated responses by Chief Information Officers and their teams. In order to help meet...

BTM Financial: Analytical Solutions Powered by Comprehensive Support
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Anupam Oberai, Senior Partner

Delivers expertly crafted analytics solutions in regards to analytical models, application development, data management and support

GFI Software: Empowering Businesses with Maximum Network Security
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Sergio Galindo, President & COO

Provides smartly engineered network security and communications solutions that enable businesses to monitor, manage, and secure their networks.

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