Key considerations in the face of InsurTech
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Dennis Liu, Head, Business Transformation and Technology, Etiqa Insurance Singapore

Technology developments and transformations in InsurTech have led disruptions in the traditional landscape of insurance, which is getting interesting with innovative solutions offered by insurers of varied expertise, from veteran industry leaders...

Pro-Actively Using Predictive Modeling in Insurance
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Scott Stevens, Vice President, Underwriting Workers’ Compensation, AmTrust Financial

We live in a time of data. Data predicts how we eat, shop, communicate, watch certain programming, and even how we vote. Companies take that data and then target specific advertising when we are on social media or searching online predicting that...

Implementation of a Comprehensive Corporate Governance Strategy
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Michael Stoeckert, CTO, ProAssurance

An enterprise corporate governance strategy will foster an environment to provide, maintain, and support the information base that your company and shareholders need for ensuring compliance, enhancing decision making and creating reliable...

Insurance Industry Embracing AI and Big Data
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Insurance industry revolves around risk and threats completely. The industry requires predicting risk and threats associated with a person, organization and things; which is possible only after a detailed analysis of data gathered from the...

6 Best Practices for Implementing a Producer Lifecycle Management Software
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Steven Lazar, Product Manager, VUE Software

You face a challenge. You picked, or are in the process of picking, a software vendor to help automate and manage your Producer Lifecycle Management. However, now you must deal with the complexity of the insurance world; every state has its own...

Big data: Responsibilities and Challenges in Decision-Making
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Big data in everyday devices or objects can send and receive data, promising revolutionary changes in data management and society. Of course, big data success depends on the assumption that the data generated by the internet around the world...

Consumerization of IT in the Insurance Industry
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Brad Hildestad, CIO, COUNTRY Financial

What are the challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the insurance space? Many industries are going through significant change and the insurance industry is no different. Technology is driving a fundamental shift in consumer...

AI in the Insurance Industry
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As the use of artificial intelligence becomes commonplace, the functioning of several industries is altered significantly. The insurance space is no different.  Customer-centric models and the changing demographics, together with technologies...

Ensuring your Seat on the Leadership Table
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David Otte, CAO and Former CIO, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Aliteral interpretation of an IT title signifies that IT professionals are only responsible for technology systems (and perhaps data management) which is a very limited, micro view of how IT professionals support the business. Information and...

Ease of insurance purchase with technology
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Insurance companies can effectively minimize security risks utilizing digital technology, using big data from customers, from several sources.  Using technology has an impact on product design and the efficacy of inclusive insurance delivery,...

The Future of InsurTech
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Jobay Cooney, Senior Managing Director, Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions

Our day-to-day lives – from how we hail a cab, to how we pay our bills – have transformed in the last few years. The insurance industry – long seen as a traditional sector – is also currently undergoing a significant...

Data is the New Oil in the Insurance Industry
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With the dawn of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, the insurance industry is undergoing a massive transformation in areas of risk assessment, fraud detection, and customer...

The Health Insurance Microservices Revolution
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Nathan Hackley, Co-founder, Sana Benefits

In 2001, Amazon had a big problem. Their core application was getting larger and more complicated as they scaled. Launching new features required increasingly extensive code review and their momentum as a company was slowing significantly. How,...

Leveraging Brand Data and Marketing Analytics to Inform the Customer Experience
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Debora Beachner Tomlin, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience and Marketing, CSAA Insurance Group

Customer expectations for brand experience are rising. The age of technology has made instant gratification the norm – consumers want 24/7 convenience and availability, delivered when and how it fits their schedule and lifestyle. They also...

Moving from a Traditional to a Digital Insurer for the Future
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Ketan Pandit, CIO, QBE North America

The move to digital has been very profound over the past few years across a number of industries like retail, consumer products, banking, hospitality and travel. But what does being digital mean and most importantly in the insurance context?...

Will the Tech Giants rule over the insurance industry as well?
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The big firms are now looking outside of technology in order to grow its operations in all the industries, from automotive to retail to groceries these firms are adopting competitive advantages in the form of data and consumer relationships to...

Can AI Help Blockchain Adoption?
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Aarthi Srinivasan, Director, Target

Funding has never been easier with $4B raised by Block. One in less than a year and $33M obtained in 30 seconds by SingularityNet. Over $11B in investments transpired in 2018 with 80 percent year over year growth in just the first half of this...

Innovation in the Insurance Industry: What to do About Blockchain?
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David Luce, Co-Chair of Fintech, Partner, DLA Piper

When you consider the major U.S. companies which disappeared in the recent past as a result of their failure to innovate and adapt to the next big change, the list is staggering—record stores, video rental shops, cell phone...

An Intelligent Approach to Artificial Intelligence
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Marvin Stone, SVP, Business Integration, Stewart Title

Introduction Everywhere you turn, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. Today’s executives are besieged with news of early-stage startups and AI-focused tech titans looking to disrupt virtually any market. With AI dominating...

New Technology Developments Impacting Insurance Regulation
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Mike Consedine, CEO, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

It’s an exciting time to be in the insurance regulatory space. Technologies such as telematics, blockchain, big data and cloud computing are transforming our world. As a result, we have new insurance products to streamline customer...

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