Why Insurers Are Approaching BI-Based solutions?
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Business intelligence-based insurance solutions help insurers tackle the digital age challenges and achieve customer satisfaction for long-term business success.    FREMONT, CA: The insurance industry is already using different...

Business Intelligence Contextual Delivery: A Necessary Ingredient To Create and Maintain a Lean Organization
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Benjamin Bomhoff, Vice President of Enterprise Systems, Security First Insurance Company

Most of us have gotten the basics down: we have organized our data, created a data dictionary, locked down business logic, have a reliable ETL process, all of which produces a single source of truth. We’ve selected our Business Intelligence...

Can AI Help Blockchain Adoption?
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Aarthi Srinivasan, Director, Target

Funding has never been easier with $4B raised by Block. One in less than a year and $33M obtained in 30 seconds by SingularityNet. Over $11B in investments transpired in 2018 with 80 percent year over year growth in just the first half of this...

Industry Change Demands New Actuarial-IT Partnership
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Michael Hughes, Principal

Is it true? Will MetLife separate from its retail business in the US? No doubt the insurance industry is undergoing tremendous change, and the pace of restructuring and change is accelerating. As companies innovate–and accounting and...

Pro General Streamlines its Property and Casualty Insurance Offerings with 4Sight' Solutions
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Insurance CIO Outlook

AUSTIN, TX: 4Sight Business Intelligence, a provider of property & casualty specific business intelligence products, announced that it has been selected by Pro General Insurance Company for Property and Casualty insurance. Pro General is...

Sapiens: IntelligencePro Modern, Effective & Simple BI
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Roni Al-Dor, CEO & President

Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ and TASE: SPNS) is a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, with a growing presence in the financial services sector. Sapiens offers...

CodeObjects: Enabling Business with Configurable Systems
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Anil Annadata, CEO

A leading insurance technology firm, offering highly configurable, cloud-based policy administration system namely, PolicyEnterprise

Marsh ClearSight: Streamlining End-to-End Claims Processes
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Janet Dell, CEO

Marsh ClearSight is the global leader in risk, safety, and claims software

Sapiens Stingray System: A Policy Processing Workhorse
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Roni Al-Dor, President & CEO

AP&C solution for policy, billing, claims and reinsurance, with BI, imaging and document management

Prime Technology Group: Driving Business Decisions through Data Warehousing
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Sudhakar Goverdhanam, CEO

Prime provides the efficient and standards-compliant data warehousing needed to transform and deliver the data that can help your business succeed

Maximum Processing: The Policy Processing Vanguard
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Sean Pitcher, CEO

Provides web based integrable policy, billing, claims and reinsurance administration solutions to manage complexities for large businesses as well as small firms

Echo Ridge Partners: Simplifying Policy Administration Operations
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Chuck Cross, President, CTO & Co-founder, Stacy Butak, VP Quality Assurance & Co-founder

Echo Ridge Partners is a collaboration of creative, innovative experts who create affordable state of the industry policy administration systems

Insurity: Data Management made Easy for Insurers
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Jeffrey Glazer, CEO

Provider of Software solutions for large and small insurance companies delivering balance between rich content, flexible and modular deployment

Information Builders
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Gerald D. Cohen, President & CEO

Provides Business Intelligence, Middleware Integration, Reporting, Analytics, Integration and Data Integrity Solutions