Calculating the Value of Essential, Yet Intangible, Data Challenges
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Scott Gilbert, Chief Information Officer, Marsh & McLennan Companies

The analysis and use of data have transformed industries across the economic spectrum: technology, transportation, lodging, retail, media, and finance, to name a few. The winners in the digital economy will be companies that can best collect data,...

Consumerization of IT in the Insurance Industry
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Brad Hildestad, CIO, COUNTRY Financial

What are the challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the insurance space? Many industries are going through significant change and the insurance industry is no different. Technology is driving a fundamental shift in consumer...

Ensuring your Seat on the Leadership Table
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David Otte, CAO and Former CIO, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Aliteral interpretation of an IT title signifies that IT professionals are only responsible for technology systems (and perhaps data management) which is a very limited, micro view of how IT professionals support the business. Information and...

xagent Named to Top 10 InsureTech Startups 2018 by Insurance CIO Outlook
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RESTON, VIRGINIA : xagent, the single-entry market access solution for property and casualty (P&C) agents, today announced that the company has earned a spot on the list of Insurance CIO Outlook's Top 10 InsureTech Startups...

The Opportunities and Threats of Insurtech for the Average Insurance Consumer
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Theresa Schmall, Manager, Center for Financial Services Innovation

The insurance industry is going through an exciting phase of innovation. The boom of the insurtech market has captured everyone’s attention, and for good reason. It has taken in over $8 billion in financing globally since 2012—an...

The Road to Success in the Insurance Industry
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Caribou Honig, Chairman and Cofounder, InsureTech Connect

Cloud. Smartphones. Genomics. Blockchain. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. All are important technologies for insurance. All have their advocates and in a few cases their zealots (looking at you, Blockchain community). Some may prove disruptive...

Digital Transformation - The essential journey for large-scale companies
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Kenan Bubela, VP - Development and Engineering Services, USAA

In a world where customer expectations are shaped and measured by digital interactions, the recipe for long-term success extends well beyond the enabling technology. Companies that continue to be relevant are those that invest in the necessary...

A Closer Look at Block Chain Technology
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John Shea, CIO, Eaton Vance

As the CIO of Eaton Vance, I’d be compelled to say that the role of a CIO has advanced over the years.Fortunately, I started off in financial services and got some first-hand experience on software development and was able to inculcate...

Strategize in Sync with Evolution of Work Culture
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Brian LeClaire, CIO, Humana

Challenges and solutions As a health care company building an integrated care delivery model, our challenge in enabling integrated care delivery was having the right  technologies in place and developing key talent and a values-based work...

Navigating Constant Change: A CIO's Rules of the Road
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Jason Lichtenthal, SVP & CIO, PURE Group of Insurance Companies

A company’s technology platform and website is a living, breathing expression of who the organization is and how it engages with customers and other stakeholders. As CIOs, we know that technology is not static, but is rather a constantly...

A Peek into the Future of the Insurance Status-quo
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Eugene Vatnik, CIO, Rockingham Group Insurance

The skyrocketing rate at which technology continues to make innovative advances is alarming. Let us take a look at Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has evolved profusely over the last decade. This is evidenced by the different forms of AI...

Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage
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Tracey Vispoli, President, Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions, A Berkley Company [NYSE:WRB]

At first the situation didn’t seem like a big deal until the client called. I remember it like it was yesterday. I just arrived home from work as a cyber insurance underwriter and was settling into my other role as a mom of two high energy...

Cybersecurity Risks, Regulations and Frameworks
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Doug Cretsinger, Former CIO, GuideOne Insurance

Across the country, board members at different organizations are raising concerns about cybersecurity risks they face. Regulators are outlining new requirements to address these emerging risks. New frameworks are being used to ensure a...

To Drive Digital Transformation, First Change the Culture
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Steve Rullo, CIO-Treasury, GE Capital [NASDAQ:GEH]

It’s clear that the digital revolution continues to affect every industry in profound ways. The rise of digital business models ranging from new social media platforms to creative car-sharing and payment services is happening at an...

Technology Broker of Choice
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Michael F. Jackson, SVP & CTO, UMB Financial Corp

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations UMB has focused on a growth plan embracing business diversity, which has allowed us to become a diversified financial services company with multi- billion dollar assets....

Fintech Enablement- How Emerging Technology Trends are Impacting the Banking CIO
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Bill Genovese, Principal, WGroup

Blockchain, fintech, big data and IoT are just some of the buzzwords of new technology the Banking CIO has to sift through. How is this impacting the CIO and how can they take advantage of the new technol­ogy? Or, is this just a hype, which is...

Synergy between CIO and CMO: A Boon to the Organization
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Scott Terrell, SVP & CIO, HealthMarkets, Inc.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that the CIO of a company be in lockstep with its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). I can attest to this, having gone through some of the biggest transformations seen in any industry, at any company, at any...

Building Towards Tomorrow: Driving Change in Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” Warren Buffett. Some industries are known as “bleeding edge.” These industries are willing to take large risks with new technology...

Infusing Best Practices in Insurance IT
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Scott Names, CIO, Church Mutual Insurance Company

How has the role of a CIO in the insurance space evolved over the years? Information Technology is very much at the pulse of the insurance business. There are few core business processes— encompassing claims, underwriting or finance...

Cyber Security takes Center Stage
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Tracey Vispoli, President, Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions, a Berkley Company

At first the situation didn’t seem like a big deal until the client called. I remember it like it was yesterday. I just arrived home from work as a cyber insurance underwriter and was settling into my other role as a mom of two high energy...

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