Calculating the Value of Essential, Yet Intangible, Data Challenges
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Scott Gilbert, Chief Information Officer, Marsh & McLennan Companies

The analysis and use of data have transformed industries across the economic spectrum: technology, transportation, lodging, retail, media, and finance, to name a few. The winners in the digital economy will be companies that can best collect data,...

Four Ways How Technology is Transforming Insurance
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Chris Holcombe, VP, Group Claims Technology & Operations, Chubb

One of the key drivers of technological disruption in the current era is the ability to fulfill client expectations by creating a user experience designed to be frictionless, instantaneous, and mobile. And while some might view insurance...

Insurers Get the Most Out of Customer Communications with Hosted Managed Services
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Stephanie Pieruccini, VP of Research and Enterprise & Technology Consulting Services, Madison Advisors

Managing customer communications continues to be a challenge for today’s insurance organizations. Customer communications and their corresponding workflows quickly become very complex due to the need to maintain compliance and make... Taking Insurance Companies 100% Online
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Timothy Ward, CEO

Develops and operates a complete, specialized, web-based information system for insurance companies

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