Redefining Risk Management for Financial Institutions
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Financial institutions have made drastic changes in risk management over the past few decades, primarily in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Both the BSA and AML are part of the rules called...

The Transformative Impact of Information Technology on Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

The global insurance marketplace will be undergoing a radical reformation in the coming decade which represents a meaningful opportunity for marketplace visionaries. Thus, the management teams at global insurers and reinsurers can no longer...

The Secure Cloud for Insurance Carriers
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Michael Stoeckert, CTO, ProAssurance

Public clouds are the most recognized form of cloud in many industries, but private and hybrid clouds dominate regulated industries. In a private cloud, all resources in the operating environment are dedicated to a single client. This ensures...

Compliance-Not Only For Banks
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Bassam Alousi, Director-Technology, White Clarke Group

Due to the global finance market regulations, Banks and Financial Institutions are forced to comply with several regulatory requirements. In the past, these regulatory requirements were specific to the Banking and Financing Organizations. In...

Assessing Cyber Risk
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Phil Norton, Vice Chairman, Midwest Region

Source, quantity and quality of data are the obvious keys to assessing or estimating risk. As the cyber claims world is quite new, the amount of data available is relatively sparse. At the turn of the century, statisticians relied on publicly...

Eye Spy: Understanding Your Video Surveillance Technology Risks
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Keith Burkhardt, VP, Kraus-Anderson Insurance

George Orwell almost had it right: You are being watched. But it’s not just Big Brother that’s watching you. It’s your home security vendor, your employer, monitoring the front lobby, the security webcam at the parking ramp, your...

Making the Skies Safer and the Population Healthier
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Brian LeClaire, SVP, Humana

Since I was a child, I’ve wanted to be a pilot. I finally got started last April. I’m ready for my check ride after completing the required hours of ground, in-the-air training and solo time. It’s the last thing needed to earn my...

VUE Software Tailored for Insurers
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Insurance CIO Outlook

Coconut Creek, FL: VUE software, a provider of technology solutions for the insurance sector has announced that the Florida-based largest property and casualty insurance carrier has opted for VUE Software’s Producer Management and...

To Improve ROI on Digital Transformation: Doctrines of Successful Implementation
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Sathyanarayanan Sethuraman, Principal, HCL

In this age of customer activism, success of business hinges on satisfying customers’ needs to retain and grow the mind and wallet share. It is very clear that customers want more for less. More of experience - ease, relevance and...

NOVUM: Clutter-Free Software Solutions for Insurances
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Achim Heidebrecht, CTO

Focuses on IT consulting in the field of insurance and development of intuitive software for insurance companies Analytics-in-a-box Platform with Powerful Unstructured Data AI
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Rishi Jain, CEO, Srikanth Gurunathan, CTO and Udayakumar Rajamani, CPO

Stream-analyze-predict structured and unstructured data and in real-time by configuring insurance specific analytics apps

VIPR Solutions: Helping Brokers Get to Grips with Data
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Bob Brown, CEO

Provides a modern, comprehensive suite of dedicated software solutions to help brokers enhance their processes with the latest technology

VUE Software: New Age Answer to Insurance Broker Management
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Stephen Bruno, President & CEO

VUE Software offers configurable solutions to meet the unique needs of the life and annuity, health, and property & casualty markets

Ebix, Inc. [NASDAQ:EBIX]: Turning Brokers Into Better Producers
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Robin Raina, President & CEO

One of the leading international suppliers of software and e-commerce solutions to the insurance industry

Workiva [NYSE:WK]: Fortifying Corporate Performance with Data Insights
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Matthew Rizai, Chairman & CEO

Provides insurance software that helps firms work smart—from statutory reporting footnotes and product filings to Dodd-Frank compliance and Model Audit Rule compliance

Quantivate: GRC Made Simple
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Andy Vanderhoff, Founder & CEO

Provides a comprehensive suite of SaaS solutions that solve end-to-end risk and compliance management challenges of insurance companies

STEP Solutions Group: Simplifying Underwriting Processes
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David Dillon, Co-founder

Delivers business acquisition, policy administration and claims processing solutions

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