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Data Analytics for Connected Cars
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Hillol Kargupta, President, Agnik

Modern cars have thousands of sensors Modern cars have thousands of sensors for monitoring and controlling different sub-systems. Moreover, cars have context such as location, performance history, and financial history. As cars get connected over...

Changing Insurance with Next-Generation Technology
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The proliferation of big data in the insurance industry has transformed the dynamics of formulating policies that would help businesses prosper. Actuarial calculations are being done by analyzing the data sources--making them more accurate and...

Cutting-Edge Technologies Help Create Improved Insurance Claims Experience
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Steve Hatch, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich North America

Innovations in our homes, at work, and at play improve the quality of our lives. New technologies continue to change and have evolved from fire and the invention of the wheel, to the development of the assembly line, the internet and the use...

Big Data is all around
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Scott Hannagan, CIO, Leavitt Group

Recently, I was commuting frequently to a site which needed some issues addressed.  On the third trip to that office, I noticed that when my phone connected to the bluetooth of my vehicle, it popped up a notification letting me know how the...

Innovation is the Key to Success
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Kim Jacques, CIO, Lombard International

What do you see as a big challenge in technology today? If you were to write down a wish list, what solutions are you looking forward to and what are your expectations from technology providers? In my opinion, the biggest challenge we face...

Omniscience: Empowering Underwriters with Automation
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Sunil Rawat, Founder & CEO

Improves speed, accuracy, consistency, and cost through machinelearning and data mining based Underwriting Automation

Traffk: Modernizing Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management
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Paul Ford, Co-Founder and Glenn Hibler, Co-Founder

Traffk is a SaaS-based insurance-based underwriting intelligence platform leveraging data science, AI, and machine learning. Traffk modernizes the insurance underwriting process. The company is branched into the sectors of Life, Annuity, Critical...

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