Revolutionary Change in Underwriting
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Jennifer Richards, Head of New Business & Underwriting, MassMutual

With a conservative blue suit, matching portfolio and newly minted diploma, I interviewed for my first job as a life insurance underwriter at some point during the Regan administration. Of course the internet hadn’t been invented yet, so it...

Outsourcing Print-Smooth Sailing or Stormy Seas?
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Gina Ferrara, Senior Analyst, Madison Advisors

Determining whether to shut down your internal print and mail operation and outsource to a print service provider, or keep it in-house and potentially make a capital investment in new technology can be a tough conversation. Those in favor of the...

Calling Edmund Berkeley...
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Feroz Merchhiya, CTO-Director of Technology, California Insurance Guarantee Association

Recently I came across a survey conducted by the Hartford Financial Services Group. The study reports that millennials entering the workforce are likely to avoid insurance industry as a career choice. What it found is that the young generation,...

LexisNexis: Delivering Active Risk Management Insights
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Bill Madison, CEO, Insurance

Provides essential insights to help customers across the industry to predict, assess, and manage risks

iPipeline: Putting Insurance in Good Order
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Tim Wallace, CEO

Provides a next-generation suite of sales distribution software to the insurance and financial services markets through its on-demand service

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