Three Reasons Why the Insurance Industry Needs Big Weather Data
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Jonathan Porter, VP & General Manager, Business Services, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions

For the past seven years, the World Economic Forum’s The Global Risks Report has consistently featured a cluster of interconnected environment-related risks—including extreme weather events—among the top-ranked risks...

5 Ways IoT and Blockchain are Transforming Supply Chains
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Anant Kadiyala, Director of Blockchain and IoT Industry Solutions, Oracle

Today’s customers demand superior product experience, better customer service, greater transparency, improved safety standards, and faster delivery. Rightfully so! On the other hand, supply chains are rife with inherent risks, including...

Connected Auto Claims: A Smoother Road for Drivers and Insurers
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Dawn Mortimer, AVP-Product Management, Verisk–Insurance Solutions

Tech is disrupting and rapidly transforming all aspects of insurance, not least in the claims process. When it comes to reporting, filing, and managing an insurance claim, customers are better able to have their claims handled effectively,...

Upcoming Trends in Mobile App Development
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Alexey Makarov, CEO, Qulix Systems

The main computing focus is gradually shifting away from traditional desktop PCs to mobile devices, and the two major reasons for this are as follows: • Mobile apps market is growing. This growth is made especially conspicuous against the...

Using Low Cost, Off-the-shelf Mobile Apps to Build Flexible Mobile Solutions
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Kevin Madsen, Technical Services Group Manager, Stanley Consultants

You have probably read numerous articles and blogs about the accelerating rate of change in business as well as technology. Change in the corporate world is happening at an increasingly rapid pace due to new customer demands and new project...

Ready. Set. Go Mobile! Low Code Platforms Assist Enterprises in Developing Better Mobile Apps, Faster
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Richard Rabins, CEO and Founder, Alpha Software Corporation

The Promise of Enterprise Mobility You see it every day: employees use an average of three different devices in their daily routine and require constant on-demand data accessibility and freedom from their desktops. Research shows that...

Building Towards Tomorrow: Driving Change in Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” Warren Buffett. Some industries are known as “bleeding edge.” These industries are willing to take large risks with new technology...

Big Data is all around
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Scott Hannagan, CIO, Leavitt Group

Recently, I was commuting frequently to a site which needed some issues addressed.  On the third trip to that office, I noticed that when my phone connected to the bluetooth of my vehicle, it popped up a notification letting me know how the...

Making the Skies Safer and the Population Healthier
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Brian LeClaire, SVP, Humana

Since I was a child, I’ve wanted to be a pilot. I finally got started last April. I’m ready for my check ride after completing the required hours of ground, in-the-air training and solo time. It’s the last thing needed to earn my...

Three Trends for Insurance Technology Professionals
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Kevin Bingham, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

The insurance industry is at an important inflection point, and CIOs and information technology professionals are at the forefront of addressing three major trends: core systems transformation, leveraging big data technology, and the accelerating...

GeoSure Global: Gateway to Hyper-Local Risk Intelligence
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Michael Becker, CEO

Provides scalable, real-time, hyper-local safety, and risk assessment information on a granular level by harvesting and analyzing massive amounts of data from various trusted sources

Agero: Claims Process Refinement
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Jeffrey Blecher, Chief Strategy Officer

Innovations to help vehicle insurance providers strengthen their businesses and create stronger, lasting connections with their customers

DropIn: A Game Changer in Insurtech Claims
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Emilio Figueroa, CEO

On-demand live video platform for claims processing

VeracityID: Stopping Fraud before it Starts
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John Macauley, CEO & Founder

Delivers comprehensive, out-of-the-box anti-fraud management solution, uniquely tailored to specific business practices across a broad range of industries

Tourmaline Labs: Generating Rich Driver Analytics
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Dr. Lukas Kuhn, CTO

Provides smartphone-based telematics solution that combines ultra-low power behavior monitoring on the device with comprehensive driver analytics

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