Using Machine Learning to Drive Business Outcomes
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Upendra Belhe, Global Chief Analytics Officer, Gen Re

Machine Learning (ML) has now gained respect in the insurance and reinsurance industries. Practitioners, as well as business owners, understand that it complements and supplements statistical techniques that are used for prediction purposes....

A Partnership Designed to Support High-Performance Analytics
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Scott VanValkenburgh, Sr. Director Alliance Management, SAS

High-performance analytics is increasingly critical to business success. It doesn’t work without an underlying architecture that can support and enhance the analytics to deliver value to the business. HP and SAS enjoy one of the longest...

Big Data Has Big Changes in Store for Insurance Industry
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Brad Bodell, SVP & CIO, CNO Financial Group, Inc.

Big data and predictive analytics have not yet altered the course of the insurance industry, but they will. Over the next decade, the use of advanced analytics will have a dramatic impact on the insurance space in three key areas. First, I...

Big Data, Big Opportunities: How Insurers Can Innovate
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Kevin Miller, CIO, Missouri Employers Mutual

Insurance companies have always had access to volumes of data, but the ability for technology to process massive amounts of data faster provides more information about customers than ever before. With better access to third-party and sensor data,...

Saama Technologies Partners with Hortonworks to Provide Data Analytics Platform for Insurance Companies
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FREMONT, CA: Saama Technologies, a data science services and solutions company, has partnered with Hortonworks, a provider of enterprise Apache Hadoop, to provide data analytics platform to insurance companies. The combined offering will assist...

New Technology and New Management Practices in Insurance IT
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Matthew Josefowicz, President and CEO, Novarica

It can be hard for insurers to sort the hype from the reality in newer technology areas like mobile, big data, cloud, and digital. All four areas have already started to affect the industry, and are poised to drive greater change. But...