Key considerations in the face of InsurTech
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Dennis Liu, Head, Business Transformation and Technology, Etiqa Insurance Singapore

Technology developments and transformations in InsurTech have led disruptions in the traditional landscape of insurance, which is getting interesting with innovative solutions offered by insurers of varied expertise, from veteran industry leaders...

Pro-Actively Using Predictive Modeling in Insurance
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Scott Stevens, Vice President, Underwriting Workers’ Compensation, AmTrust Financial

We live in a time of data. Data predicts how we eat, shop, communicate, watch certain programming, and even how we vote. Companies take that data and then target specific advertising when we are on social media or searching online predicting that...

Calculating the Value of Essential, Yet Intangible, Data Challenges
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Scott Gilbert, Chief Information Officer, Marsh & McLennan Companies

The analysis and use of data have transformed industries across the economic spectrum: technology, transportation, lodging, retail, media, and finance, to name a few. The winners in the digital economy will be companies that can best collect data,...

Time for Blockchain Experimentation is, 'Now'. That's the Bottom-line for Insurance Carriers
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Safwan Zaheer, Head of FinTech, KPMG US

Blockchain has brought an exciting dimension to the way it can transform Insurance. There are a plethora of use cases of the technology that’s built around data sharing, record keeping, decentralization, consensus-based authentication, and...

Insurance Industry Embracing AI and Big Data
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Insurance industry revolves around risk and threats completely. The industry requires predicting risk and threats associated with a person, organization and things; which is possible only after a detailed analysis of data gathered from the...

Innovation is not about Ideas. It's about making them happen!
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Marin Roos, Chief Innovation Officer, Unigarant

Unigarant is a non-life insurance company and is a 100 percent subsidiary of ANWB. ANWB is the largest membership organisation in the Netherlands with 4.4 million members and known mostly for its roadside assistance, and its travel, insurance...

InsurTechs- Will Collaboration or Competition win in the End
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Marcus von Engel, Financial Services Consulting Partner, PwC

If you’re in the insurance industry, you’ll never go a day without talking about InsurTech. InsurTech is the priority in the conversations of insurance executives as it’s widely recognized that disruption is now rapidly taking...

3 Ways AI and Machine Learning Impact the Future of Insurance
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Joe Orr, EVP Insurance, Clearlink

Over the past 20 years, we have seen the tremendous changes in technology upend the trajectory of every industry. At the leading edge of this push to transform is artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential power in allowing machines to carry...

Consumerization of IT in the Insurance Industry
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Brad Hildestad, CIO, COUNTRY Financial

What are the challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the insurance space? Many industries are going through significant change and the insurance industry is no different. Technology is driving a fundamental shift in consumer...

Financial Underwriting: Here's What You Need to Know
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Today, underwriting is one of the key functions in the finance industry and has become an authority of sorts in itself. In the banking sector, customer loan underwriting includes the authentication of aspects such as service history, financial...

AI in the Insurance Industry
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As the use of artificial intelligence becomes commonplace, the functioning of several industries is altered significantly. The insurance space is no different.  Customer-centric models and the changing demographics, together with technologies...

xagent Named to Top 10 InsureTech Startups 2018 by Insurance CIO Outlook
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RESTON, VIRGINIA : xagent, the single-entry market access solution for property and casualty (P&C) agents, today announced that the company has earned a spot on the list of Insurance CIO Outlook's Top 10 InsureTech Startups...

Ease of insurance purchase with technology
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Insurance companies can effectively minimize security risks utilizing digital technology, using big data from customers, from several sources.  Using technology has an impact on product design and the efficacy of inclusive insurance delivery,...

Insurtech's Real Promise: Growing the Pie
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Alexandre Lazarow, Investment Director, Cathay Innovation

In Silicon Valley, the typical narrative around any innovation follows a similar pattern: [Insert industry] has not changed in [Insert arbitrary large number] years. They are still using [insert choice of antiquated technology: fax machines, excel...

How is AI Addressing The Challenges of Insurance Industry?
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 Artificial Intelligence is the answer for any technological excellence in this era. With every step forward AI has become more embedded in our everyday lives and hence the Insurance sector is no exception to that. It is considered as an...

Case Study of a Six Year Insurtech Partnership
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Joe Kirgues, Co-Founder, gener8tor

Six years ago, Peter Gunder (Chief Business Development Officer) and Dan Reed (American Family Ventures Managing Director) from American Family Insurance came to the gener8tor offices as we were kicking off our new accelerator program to talk to...

The Future of InsurTech
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Jobay Cooney, Senior Managing Director, Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions

Our day-to-day lives – from how we hail a cab, to how we pay our bills – have transformed in the last few years. The insurance industry – long seen as a traditional sector – is also currently undergoing a significant...

Data is the New Oil in the Insurance Industry
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With the dawn of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, the insurance industry is undergoing a massive transformation in areas of risk assessment, fraud detection, and customer...

The Opportunities and Threats of Insurtech for the Average Insurance Consumer
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Theresa Schmall, Manager, Center for Financial Services Innovation

The insurance industry is going through an exciting phase of innovation. The boom of the insurtech market has captured everyone’s attention, and for good reason. It has taken in over $8 billion in financing globally since 2012—an...

Insurtech Innovation - Lessons from Fintech
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Matt Perlman, Principal, IA Capital Group

When I entered the venture capital business in 2014, the potential for financial technology to disrupt traditional banking had captivated investor imaginations. Foundation Capital’s Charles Moldow had recently declared the concept of...

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