Top 3 AI benefits for the Health Insurance Sector
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Artificial intelligence helps health insurance providers upgrade their insurance products and services to accelerate their insurance business and strategically compete in the global market. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an...

3 Claims Management and Fraud Detection Considerations for CIOs
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Innovative claims processing and fraud detection solutions help insurance CIOs revolutionize insurance processes.     FREMONT, CA: The digital age claim processing and fraud detection solutions can provide end-to-end insurance...

6 Technological Advancements Empowering Insurance Startups
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Insurance Startups are embracing tech innovations to address a range of issues impacting the insurance industry.     FREMONT, CA:  Technological innovations are transforming industries across the verticals. Insurance is one...

The rise of insurtech: a new dawn for the insurance industry
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With innovation driven by technology, these 3 startups are transforming the insurance market, adding value by increasing efficiency.   FREMONT, CA: Technology has modernized the way insurers work. Insurtech startups focus on...

3 Strategies for P and C Insurers to Surge toward Efficiency
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Property and casualty insurers are adopting innovative tech-driven strategies to expedite efficiency.  FREMONT, CA: Emerging technologies are rapidly transforming business processes as well as business-critical aspects of the insurance...

AI, the Secret Weapon Helping Insurers Fight Fraud
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While potential hackers impede the insurance companies, AI has swooped in like a hero to fight a war with fraudsters and save the firms.    FREMONT, CA: In recent years, the demand for more inclusive cybersecurity has surged even...

Insurance Trends for Customers with Advanced Techs
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With advancements in insurtech, insurers are well-positioned to capitalize their investment in technology and provide better customer satisfaction.        FREMONT, CA: The insurance industry will continue to face...

The Future of Insurance Workforce is Transforming with AI-driven Technologies
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AI is capable of taking information actionability and re-insurance risk management precision to the next level. And for everyone, that's a victory. FREMONT, CA: Against the background of increasing healthcare expenses, insurers are seeking...

Insurance ecosystems
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Paul Wishman, Vice President, Insurance, CGI

It was in 1935 that the British ecologist Arthur Tansley coined the term ecosystem: the interactive system established between the biocoenosis (the group of living creatures), and their biotope (the environment in which they live)....

InsurTech Continues to Build Momentum and Drive Change across the Insurance Industry
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Sam Evans, Founding Partner, Eos Venture Partners

Aquick look at recent news shows the breadth of activity across geographies, products, funding and areas of the value chain. Examples include continued rumours around how and when Amazon will enter insurance, a concentration of funding with a...

A Glimpse of AI-driven Innovations Tailored for Modern Insurers
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As AI is more deeply incorporated into the insurance sector, carriers are reacting to the evolving market landscape with insights into how AI will reshape the industry. FREMONT, CA: By quickly generating controlled, digitally enhanced...

European InsurTech Trends - Shift from Disruptive to Enabling InsurTech
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Radboud Vlaar, Co-Founder & Partner, Finch Capital

First of all Insurtech is to date can be split into two types of companies: • Disruptive InsurTech - InsurTech companies that disrupt insurers e.g. Digital Brokers, MGA’s, Price Comparison portals, etc. • Enabling InsurTech -...

Robotic Process Automation Easing Insurance Operational Processes
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Robotic process automation leverages the insurance sector to reconstruct their existing business operational model to create customer-centric insurance services.   FREMONT, CA: Insurance companies demand repetitive and operational tasks...

Solutions Supporting Smart Architecture for Swift Deployment of IoT Devices
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Rich Bolstridge, Chief Strategist, Financial Services

Leveraging the power of exponentially multiplying IoT potentials for businesses with technology-backed solutions holds the key to security and efficiency. FREMONT, CA: Akamai has launched Edge Cloud, a new series of solutions that operate using...

Technology Future-Proofing Global Insurance Infrastructure
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Insurtech’s promising opportunities create waves in the global market, encouraging the insurers to leverage smarter operational trends.     FREMONT, CA: There are regular hits of insurtech products in the market from...

How the Internet of Things Expedites Claims Processing
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Managing claims can be significantly simplified and made customer-friendly with technological interventions like IoT devices. FREMONT, CA: For the insurance industry, optimizing claim processing and management stands quintessential. IoT can...

Technology Opening smarter Opportunities for Insurers to Regulate Premiums and Claims
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The insurance industry is getting better by the day as it demonstrates the power of technologies. FREMONT, CA: The insurance industry is in an excellent position to improve its offerings and services. Advanced technologies have created numerous...

Tech Trends Transforming the Traditional Insurance Approach
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Technology makes it possible to avail insurance services and claims at our fingertips, and insurers are leveraging such smart methods and personalized policies for a better approach.  FREMONT, CA: Radically impacting the global market,...

Is the Insurance Industry at the Edge of Insurtech?
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The insurance sector is advancing at a rapid pace and will soon shape the fintech industry, along with enhancing customer experiences.   FREMONT, CA: The insurance sector is driven by technology and is on the verge of revolutionizing...

Innovative Technologies Defining the Future of Insurance Market Landscape
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The insurance industry is moving towards 'digital-first' business models that can unlock newer opportunities. FREMONT, CA: The financial world has no reputation in terms of technology to set the world on fire. However, the insurance...
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