Connected Auto Claims: A Smoother Road for Drivers and Insurers
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Dawn Mortimer, AVP-Product Management, Verisk–Insurance Solutions

Tech is disrupting and rapidly transforming all aspects of insurance, not least in the claims process. When it comes to reporting, filing, and managing an insurance claim, customers are better able to have their claims handled effectively,...

Why you Can't Afford to Ignore Security Basics
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Bill Podborny, CISO, Alliant Credit Union

Cyber security incidents have almost become a daily news event. Between the increase in incidents and the pressure from executive management and boards to protect organizations, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype surrounding the...

Accenture Introduces Updates for Duck Creek P&C Software Suite
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Insurance CIO Outlook

NEW YORK, NY: Accenture unveils the latest version of their property & casualty (P&C) insurance software, Accenture Duck Creek Suite; that helps insurers transforms their business. The release focuses on new customer-centric functionality...

NOVUM: Clutter-Free Software Solutions for Insurances
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Achim Heidebrecht, CTO

Focuses on IT consulting in the field of insurance and development of intuitive software for insurance companies

Verisk Analytics [NASDAQ:VRSK]: Enabling Decisions that Enhance Business Value
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Scott G. Stephenson, Chairman, President & CEO

A leading data analytics company serving customers in insurance, energy and specialized markets, and financial services

ClarionDoor: Cloud-Optimized Tech Solutions for Digital Insurers
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Michael DeGusta, CEO

Founded in 2010, ClarionDoor is a provider of rating and quoting solutions for insurance organizations. ClarionDoor is considered a modern provider of cloud-based insurance solutions. The company is partnering with Adaptik, Agencyport, Amazon Web...

Vantage Agora: Creating Operational Excellence by Increasing Organizational Efficiency
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Sudhir Achar, Co-Founder & CEO

A global provider of remote staffing, technology solutions, and an integrated Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion®

FINEOS: Gateway to Faster, More Efficient Claims Processing
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Michael Kelly, Founder & CEO

A global market leader for claims management within the life, accident, and health industry

Instec: Launchpad for Insurance Business Development
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Kevin Mason, EVP

Empowers P&C commercial insurers and agents to stay competitive through its smart rating and policy administration solutions.

StoneRiver: Claims Processing Made Simple
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Thomas Burke, Executive Chairman

Delivering the industry’s widest range of technology solutions and services to insurance carriers, agents, and broker-dealers

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Bruce F. Broussard, Jr, VP, Data Products & Strategy

Provides IT solutions for insurance companies to aggregate data and perform analytics, and equipping them with appropriate tooling capabilities

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