Six Emerging Security and Risk Management Trends
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With the impact of cybersecurity on business outcomes, Gartner has identified six key trends for business leaders to take leverage and improve enterprise resilience and elevate business standing. Protecting Corporate Reputation  With...

Eye Spy: Understanding Your Video Surveillance Technology Risks
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Keith Burkhardt, VP, Kraus-Anderson Insurance

George Orwell almost had it right: You are being watched. But it’s not just Big Brother that’s watching you. It’s your home security vendor, your employer, monitoring the front lobby, the security webcam at the parking ramp, your...

Technology Expectations Insurance Industry Clients Should Have of Their Outside Counsel
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Bob Dolinsky, CIO, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan

Insurance industry clients should have certain technology expectations when employing outside counsel. These expectations will vary depending on the scope of services provided by a law firm to a client as well as the requirements of the client,...

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