Why are Municipalities Affected by Cyber Threats?
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The frequency of cybersecurity attacks in different cities in the U.S. makes it obvious that it is merely a matter of time before the others are attacked. A common entry point for these attacks is phishing, a type of fraud where the attacker...

Will the Tech Giants rule over the insurance industry as well?
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The big firms are now looking outside of technology in order to grow its operations in all the industries, from automotive to retail to groceries these firms are adopting competitive advantages in the form of data and consumer relationships to...

An Intelligent Approach to Artificial Intelligence
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Marvin Stone, SVP, Business Integration / Innovation Council Leader, Stewart Title

Introduction Everywhere you turn, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. Today’s executives are besieged with news of early-stage startups and AI-focused tech titans looking to disrupt virtually any market. With AI dominating...

Building Towards Tomorrow: Driving Change in Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” Warren Buffett. Some industries are known as “bleeding edge.” These industries are willing to take large risks with new technology...

Infusing Best Practices in Insurance IT
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Scott Names, CIO, Church Mutual Insurance Company

How has the role of a CIO in the insurance space evolved over the years? Information Technology is very much at the pulse of the insurance business. There are few core business processes— encompassing claims, underwriting or finance...

Big Data for Better Insurance
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Avani Desai, Principal & EVP, Schellman & Company, LLC

Based in China, ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co. (“ZhongAn”) has taken the insurance world by storm by offering a series of unusual and unique insurance policies, such as those aimed at supporters during the 2014 World Cup by...

Innovation and Governance through Business Alliances
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Larissa Tosch, CIO, Glatfelter Insurance Group

A company who innovates is not the same as a company who is innovative. I believe the distinction is in the culture and the execution. This article discusses innovation, governance, and business/ IT alliance in the context of an IT department that...

Calling Edmund Berkeley...
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Feroz Merchhiya, CTO-Director of Technology, California Insurance Guarantee Association

Recently I came across a survey conducted by the Hartford Financial Services Group. The study reports that millennials entering the workforce are likely to avoid insurance industry as a career choice. What it found is that the young generation,...

Jumpstart KM in your professional services organization
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Michael Regan, Director of Knowledge Management, Milliman

Knowledge Management (KM) can be a competitive differentiator in any industry but it is especially potent in professional services where knowledge is the most important product. With the right KM techniques, firms can maximize the success and...

FirstBest Announces Product Suite 7.0 for Property
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Insurance CIO Outlook

BEDFORD, MA: FirstBest, a provider of underwriting technology, releases FirstBest Suite 7.0 for property and casualty insurance. The suite features enhanced functionality that enables insurers to collaborate better with producers. The FirstBest...

Insuring Bitcoin Technology
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Ty R. Sagalow, CEO and Founder, Innovation Insurance Group

In the mid to late 1990s, the insurance industry was struggling with “the Y2k crisis”, not only in connection with its own systems, but more importantly, with the systems of all their policyholders. As the Chief Underwriting Officer of...

Guidewire [NYSE:GWRE]: Digitizing the Insurance Lifecycle
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Marcus Ryu, CEO

Delivers the software that P/C insurers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change, and to ensure that every customer succeeds in the journey

WaterStreet Company: Flexible and Scalable Policy Administration for Business Growth
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Gregg Barrett, CEO

Delivers value to property & casualty insurers by supporting their operational and technology requirements

FINEOS: The Architects of modern, Customer-Centric Digital Insurance
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Chuck Johnston, CMO

Delivers modern, customer-centric core software that integrates the operations of the life, accident, and health insurance industry

CHSI Technologies: The Insurance Industry Game-Changer
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Jim Leftwich, CEO

To level the playing field for small and mid-market insurers by providing the highest quality technologies at the most affordable price...

One Two One Advisor: Financial, Insurance and Takaful Technology Enabler
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Kevin Guy Steer, CEO

A technology solution and consulting services company that offers IT solution, consulting & services for mobile, social media, web, and cloud & channel management for Financial, Insurance, Takaful & Services industries (FITS)...

eSURETY: Empowering Tomorrow's Surety Needs Today!
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Daniel Buckles, Owner

Provides carriers, brokers, MGA/MGU, as well as agents with an automated underwriting bonding platform to provide a holistic and exceptional surety experience throughout the bond lifecycle

Diastasys: Future-proof Insurance Solutions Based on Microsoft Dynamics
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Angelos Kontos, Founder & Technical Manager

Provides future-proof enterprise software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technologies for core insurance applications

CHSI Technologies: All-In-One Insurance Management for Small Businesses
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Lee Mashore, Chief Product Officer

Provides cloud-based enterprise practice management systems for small insurance companies

Palisade Corporation: Simulating Multiple Scenarios to Choose the Best Outcome
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Randy Heffernan, CEO

Offers software tools that enables in-depth risk analysis for better decision-making