AI-Driven Super Powers Recreating Underwriting
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With the advent of artificial intelligence, the insurance industry is witnessing many digital revolutions, and the foremost thing that has totally transformed into an advanced form is insurance underwriting. FREMONT, CA: Artificial...

It's Not Just About Stats: Balancing Modeling with Stakeholder Management
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Robert Horrobin, AVP, John Hancock

Smart watches and other wearables; sentiment mining and social feeds; cloud-computing and open source analytics packages; with the ever-increasing amount of data being made available for deeper insights, we as an industry have wisely invested...

Cutting-Edge Technologies Help Create Improved Insurance Claims Experience
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Steve Hatch, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich North America

Innovations in our homes, at work, and at play improve the quality of our lives. New technologies continue to change and have evolved from fire and the invention of the wheel, to the development of the assembly line, the internet and the use...
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