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Tools for Seamless Blockchain Application Testing
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Blockchain is widely being adopted across most of the prominent industries. By its unique design, blockchain works based on a decentralized technology, eliminating the risks that could occur with centralization of data. Testing is a critical part...

The Health Insurance Microservices Revolution
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Nathan Hackley, Co-founder, Sana Benefits

In 2001, Amazon had a big problem. Their core application was getting larger and more complicated as they scaled. Launching new features required increasingly extensive code review and their momentum as a company was slowing significantly. How,...

Mainframe Modernization and its Impact on the Insurance Industry
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Greg Lotko, General Manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies

Digital transformation has become the norm for every company today. Organizations interact with their customers across oceans through computers and digital interfaces. In the banking and finance arena, for instance, the evolution has been...

It's Not Just About Stats: Balancing Modeling with Stakeholder Management
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Robert Horrobin, AVP, John Hancock

Smart watches and other wearables; sentiment mining and social feeds; cloud-computing and open source analytics packages; with the ever-increasing amount of data being made available for deeper insights, we as an industry have wisely invested...

Innovation in the Insurance Industry: What to do About Blockchain?
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David Luce, Co-Chair of Fintech, Partner, DLA Piper

When you consider the major U.S. companies which disappeared in the recent past as a result of their failure to innovate and adapt to the next big change, the list is staggering—record stores, video rental shops, cell phone...

Traffk: Modernizing Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management
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Paul Ford, Co-Founder and Glenn Hibler, Co-Founder

Traffk is a SaaS-based insurance-based underwriting intelligence platform leveraging data science, AI, and machine learning. Traffk modernizes the insurance underwriting process. The company is branched into the sectors of Life, Annuity, Critical...

Elixir Technologies: Agile Disruption: Insurance Economies of Sharing
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Basit Hamid, CEO

Provides cloud CCM technology and services that improve regulated correspondence, customer communication and underlying processes

TransUnion [NYSE:TRU]: Data Analytics Transforming Underwriting
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Jim Peck, President & CEO

The credit-based and risk-management solutions that are rich with unique data and advanced analytics and helps carriers access accurate data

Insurity: Data Management made Easy for Insurers
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Jeffrey Glazer, CEO

Provider of Software solutions for large and small insurance companies delivering balance between rich content, flexible and modular deployment

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