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A Partnership Designed to Support High-Performance Analytics
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Scott VanValkenburgh, Sr. Director Alliance Management, SAS

High-performance analytics is increasingly critical to business success. It doesn’t work without an underlying architecture that can support and enhance the analytics to deliver value to the business. HP and SAS enjoy one of the longest...

Innovation in the Insurance Industry: What to do About Blockchain?
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David Luce, Co-Chair of Fintech, Partner, DLA Piper

When you consider the major U.S. companies which disappeared in the recent past as a result of their failure to innovate and adapt to the next big change, the list is staggering—record stores, video rental shops, cell phone...

Ready. Set. Go Mobile! Low Code Platforms Assist Enterprises in Developing Better Mobile Apps, Faster
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Richard Rabins, CEO and Founder, Alpha Software Corporation

The Promise of Enterprise Mobility You see it every day: employees use an average of three different devices in their daily routine and require constant on-demand data accessibility and freedom from their desktops. Research shows that...

Rocket Science and Human Factors: 2 Key Insights That Helped Us Succeed in Our Use of Predictive Analytics to Drive Better Claim Outcomes
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Dr. Gary Anderberg PhD, SVP Claim Analytics, Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.

Predictive Analytics (PA) is not new to the insurance industry. Actuaries and underwriters have been using it for years to model the cost of risk and make premium decisions. The advent of big data, easy access to multiple data sources, cheap...

The Recipe for Running a Successful IT Organization
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Julia Davis, SVP and CIO, Aflac

Some people view cooking as a science and others see it as an art –for me, it’s both. You can have a stunning chocolate cake (my favorite), but if you accidentally switch the sugar and the salt – the aesthetics won’t matter...

Empowering Virtualizing and Data Storage Platforms
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Amin Kaseem, VP, IT Administration, Humana

Virtualization and storage are like the Wizard of Oz extremely powerful yet functioning largely behind the curtain of a business’s customer-facing technologies. A company’s ability to quickly stand up environments to test new...

Vantage Agora: Creating Operational Excellence by Increasing Organizational Efficiency
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Sudhir Achar, Co-Founder & CEO

A global provider of remote staffing, technology solutions, and an integrated Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion®

Remedy Partners: One-Stop-Shop for Managing Value-based Payment Programs
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MarketingChris Garcia, CEO

Delivering a cloud based enterprise software solution that functions as a complete operating system for managing value based payment programs

Accellion: Fortifying Insurance Data
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Jonathan Yaron, CEO

Provides secure content platform that increases insurance companies' productivity and ensures data security and compliance

Vormetric: Democratizing Data Security through Centralized Key Management
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Alan Kessler, President & CEO

Provides a scalable data security platform to protect data in files, databases, and applications in any server environment.

GFI Software: Empowering Businesses with Maximum Network Security
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Sergio Galindo, President & COO

Provides smartly engineered network security and communications solutions that enable businesses to monitor, manage, and secure their networks.

Accellion, Inc.: Collaboration Tools for Accelerated Performance
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Yorgen H. Edholm, CEO & President

Empowers insurance agents with collaboration tools for better communication and workflow efficiency.

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