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The Secure Cloud for Insurance Carriers
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Michael Stoeckert, CTO, ProAssurance

Public clouds are the most recognized form of cloud in many industries, but private and hybrid clouds dominate regulated industries. In a private cloud, all resources in the operating environment are dedicated to a single client. This ensures...

Building Resiliency against Increasing Threats to IT, OT and IoT
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Tim Callahan, SVP, Global Chief Security Officer, Aflac

Criminals: Motivated Primarily by Profit It is a different day and age today than it was 20 years ago. The advent of big data has given rise to the big data criminal whose only goal is to disrupt for personal or ideological gain. The...

Accellion: Fortifying Insurance Data
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Jonathan Yaron, CEO

Provides secure content platform that increases insurance companies' productivity and ensures data security and compliance

Litéra®: Enterprise-class Data Control and Risk Management
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Paul Domnick, President

Provides comprehensive solution set to protect reputation, manage risk, and increase productivity for content lifecycle control businesses...

Accellion, Inc.: Collaboration Tools for Accelerated Performance
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Yorgen H. Edholm, CEO & President

Empowers insurance agents with collaboration tools for better communication and workflow efficiency.

Pyramid Analytics
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Omri Kohl, Co- Founder & CEO

Empowers users by driving critical decision making and understanding cost savings opportunities with the complete insight on insurance information

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