Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Business Technology Insurance
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Martin P.Rose, CIO, Pinellas County Government

It seems every aspect of our lives is insured in some respect; life, home, health, auto. What about insurance for technology systems and applications which run our businesses? Business operations today are technology-centric. Technology is woven...

Moving from a Traditional to a Digital Insurer for the Future
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Ketan Pandit, CIO, QBE North America

The move to digital has been very profound over the past few years across a number of industries like retail, consumer products, banking, hospitality and travel. But what does being digital mean and most importantly in the insurance context?...

Legacy Modernization in the Age of InsurTech
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Brahm Sharma, CIO, Aon

There is a lot of excitement around InsurTech. According to CB Insights, the number of funding deals in InsurTech increased from 91 in 2014 to 173 in 2016. Investment in Q3 of 2017 was 35 percent higher than in Q3 of 2016. This high level of...

Strategies to Best Leverage Insurance Software
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The insurance software market has utilized IT systems and insurance software, founded upon practicality, and their ability to process claims and store data. But in order to keep up, insurance brokers require technology that is all encompassing....

Compliance-Not Only For Banks
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Bassam Alousi, Director-Technology, White Clarke Group

Due to the global finance market regulations, Banks and Financial Institutions are forced to comply with several regulatory requirements. In the past, these regulatory requirements were specific to the Banking and Financing Organizations. In...

Harnessing Technology for Improving the Assessment on Assets
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Mark Lennon, CIO, North America, JLT Specialty USA

1. How can the evolving Insurance Industry help overcome the challenges? A large issue faced by all data driven industries is that of poor quality and slow data. This often leads to poor business decisions being made due to the low-value...

Gateway to Business Technology Insurance
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Martin P. Rose, CIO, Pinellas County Government

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:  It seems every aspect of our lives is insured in some respect; life, home, health, auto. What about insurance for technology systems and applications which run our businesses? Business operations...

Cloud Technology Enables Small Insurance Carriers to Compete with the Larger Carriers
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Anil Annadata, Founder and CEO, CodeObjects, Inc

In a traditional insurance systems project, companies spent significant time and resources acquiring software and hardware, installing the system, customizing the platform to fit their needs, building interfaces with third party providers, and...

Innovation is the Key to Success
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Kim Jacques, CIO, Lombard International

What do you see as a big challenge in technology today? If you were to write down a wish list, what solutions are you looking forward to and what are your expectations from technology providers? In my opinion, the biggest challenge we face...

The Elements Of Impact: Lessons Learned From Insurer It Projects
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Matthew Josefowicz, President & CEO, Novarica

Whether a project’s goal is to address immediate business needs or to ensure long-term IT sustainability, CIOs planning and executing these projects know to learn from experience: both their own and others’, both successes and...

Mutual of Omaha's Special Risk Division Gets Undivided Support from Oceanwide Bridge
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Omaha, NE: Insurance company and developer of SaaS based insurance software provider, Oceanwide has been singled out by Mutual of Omaha; for providing support in the core processing areas of the company’s Special Risk participant accident...

New Technology and New Management Practices in Insurance IT
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Matthew Josefowicz, President and CEO, Novarica

It can be hard for insurers to sort the hype from the reality in newer technology areas like mobile, big data, cloud, and digital. All four areas have already started to affect the industry, and are poised to drive greater change. But...

Franklin Mutual Enhances Productivity with ISCS's SurePower Innovation
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Insurance CIO Outlook

SAN JOSE, CA: Franklin Mutual, an insurance company has recently collaborated with ISCS, provider of software and services to the P&C insurance industry. Franklin Mutual has selected ISCS’s SurePower Innovation , the modern enterprise...

SAS Deploys Cloud Based Models to Address Big Data and Cyber Crime Challenge
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Insurance CIO Outlook

FREMONT, CA: Organizations these days are facing host of challenges. Big Data and cyber attacks have become a recurrent nightmare for the organizations, therefore to cope with these problems, the solution provider companies are coming up with...

Intermap Launches Risk Assessment Product, Insitepro V2.2 for Insurance Underwriters
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Insurance CIO Outlook

DENVER, CO: Intermap Technologies, a provider of location-based solutions has released InsitePro v2.2, Intermap's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) location-based risk assessment product for insurance underwriters. This latest version of InsitePro...

Accenture Introduces SmartVideo Technology to its ALIP Software for Better Customer Experience
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Insurance CIO Outlook

NEW YORK CITY, NY: Video technology transforms the relationship between customers and enterprises by facilitating more sophisticated and easy learning on product, delivery and services. In this context, Accenture has introduced SmartVideo...

Flexible, Secure and Time-Effective Software Solutions Address the Challenges of the Insurance Industry
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Andrey Hankevych, Chief Global Strategist, CTO, ELEKS

The financial services industry today is a mixture of both opportunities and challenges, which include exponential growth in emerging markets, shrinking operating margins, a tighter regulatory framework, and competition from new market entrants....

CHSI Technologies: The Insurance Industry Game-Changer
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Jim Leftwich, CEO

To level the playing field for small and mid-market insurers by providing the highest quality technologies at the most affordable price...

One Two One Advisor: Financial, Insurance and Takaful Technology Enabler
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Kevin Guy Steer, CEO

A technology solution and consulting services company that offers IT solution, consulting & services for mobile, social media, web, and cloud & channel management for Financial, Insurance, Takaful & Services industries (FITS)...

eSURETY: Empowering Tomorrow's Surety Needs Today!
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Daniel Buckles, Owner

Provides carriers, brokers, MGA/MGU, as well as agents with an automated underwriting bonding platform to provide a holistic and exceptional surety experience throughout the bond lifecycle

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