Looking to New Places for Tomorrow's Talent
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Henry Bryson, Technology Capability Officer, Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company

Being from a small rural high school where there were no computers available for students, the idea of being a technologist never crossed my mind. Fortunately, I was exposed to computers by chance while visiting my sister at college and playing...

How AI enables Customer Centricity
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Vishwa Kolla, AVP, & Head of Advanced Analytics, John Hancock Insurance

Traditionally, companies were more product-centric. Today, regardless of industry, sector or the way business is conducted (b2c vs b2b vs b2b2c) companies cannot do away without being customer-centric. It is only reasonable for us (as buyers or...

Volume-To-Value: The Analytics Promise
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Ursula Cottone, Chief Data Officer, Citizens Bank [NYSE:CFG]

The use of analytics in banking and finance is a hot topic of discussion today. There have been numerous conferences with audiences growing every day. Analytics in banking is clearly not just a matter of interest for chief data officers, because...

7 Reasons to Major in Risk Management and Insurance
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Arya Yarpezeshkan, SVP, Director of Risk Management, Western World Insurance Group

At Kansas State University in 1993, there were no risk management and insurance programs. I cannot recall a single friend or classmate who went to work at an insurance company. Like many risk and insurance professionals from my generation and...

Getting the Right Data Governance and Data Integration Practice in Place
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Mary Kotch, EVP Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

Facing the Challenges At a senior level, the organization will need the talent to build a mature architecture and data practice as well as talent with deep experience in global infrastructure and technology. "It is important to...

GrayMatter Delivers Insurance Analytics solution, IA in 8-weeks for AIA Bhd. Malaysia
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Insurance CIO Outlook

AIA Bhd. in Malaysia today announced going live with GrayMatter's Insurance Analytics solution, IA+. This solution was rolled-out to the life insurer’s sales & distribution channel across AIA Malaysia, providing performance dashboard...

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