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Strategize in Sync with Evolution of Work Culture
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Brian LeClaire, CIO, Humana

Challenges and solutions As a health care company building an integrated care delivery model, our challenge in enabling integrated care delivery was having the right  technologies in place and developing key talent and a values-based work...

Unique Approach to Mitigate External Threats
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Curt Overpeck, CIO, Citizens

Using Technology to Mitigate Risk Management Costs With respect to IT risk management, technology can cost-effectively eliminate or mitigate external threats originating from email or web-based sources. Examples would be identification and...

Social, Mobile and Cloud: The Next Seismic Shifts in the Way Financial Services Firms Tap Technology
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Stacey Goodman, EVP & CIO, CIT Group

It’s been years since the advent of online financial services, but consumers and business owners would be hard-pressed to identify another financial industry innovation that has made their everyday lives more convenient. Today, you can check...

Pulling the Pieces Together in the Insurance Industry
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Angelyn Treutel Zeringue, CPA, President, Southgroup Insurance Gulf Coast

In today’s busy world, we are all bombarded with communications through email, snail mail, text, voice calls, social media, and face-to-face visits. We can easily become overwhelmed with all of the information, but even worse,...

Flexible, Secure and Time-Effective Software Solutions Address the Challenges of the Insurance Industry
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Andrey Hankevych, Chief Global Strategist, CTO, ELEKS

The financial services industry today is a mixture of both opportunities and challenges, which include exponential growth in emerging markets, shrinking operating margins, a tighter regulatory framework, and competition from new market entrants....

SecureKey Technologies: Identity and Authentication Solution for a Secured Login
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Charlie Walton, CEO

An identity and authentication provider for organizations that deliver online consumer services.

Helix Security: Integrating Security into the Core of the Organization
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Dr. Kevin Streff, Founder & Director

Provider of cyber security solutions for protecting insurance data and network from spam, viruses, malware.

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