6 Best Practices for Implementing a Producer Lifecycle Management Software
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Steven Lazar, Product Manager, VUE Software

You face a challenge. You picked, or are in the process of picking, a software vendor to help automate and manage your Producer Lifecycle Management. However, now you must deal with the complexity of the insurance world; every state has its own...

Tools for Seamless Blockchain Application Testing
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Blockchain is widely being adopted across most of the prominent industries. By its unique design, blockchain works based on a decentralized technology, eliminating the risks that could occur with centralization of data. Testing is a critical part...

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Business Technology Insurance
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Martin P.Rose, CIO, Pinellas County Government

It seems every aspect of our lives is insured in some respect; life, home, health, auto. What about insurance for technology systems and applications which run our businesses? Business operations today are technology-centric. Technology is woven...

Digital Transformation - The essential journey for large-scale companies
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Kenan Bubela, VP - Development and Engineering Services, USAA

In a world where customer expectations are shaped and measured by digital interactions, the recipe for long-term success extends well beyond the enabling technology. Companies that continue to be relevant are those that invest in the necessary...

Redefining Risk Management for Financial Institutions
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Financial institutions have made drastic changes in risk management over the past few decades, primarily in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Both the BSA and AML are part of the rules called...

Will the Tech Giants rule over the insurance industry as well?
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The big firms are now looking outside of technology in order to grow its operations in all the industries, from automotive to retail to groceries these firms are adopting competitive advantages in the form of data and consumer relationships to...

Looking to New Places for Tomorrow's Talent
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Henry Bryson, Technology Capability Officer, Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company

Being from a small rural high school where there were no computers available for students, the idea of being a technologist never crossed my mind. Fortunately, I was exposed to computers by chance while visiting my sister at college and playing...

Legacy Modernization in the Age of InsurTech
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Brahm Sharma, CIO, Aon

There is a lot of excitement around InsurTech. According to CB Insights, the number of funding deals in InsurTech increased from 91 in 2014 to 173 in 2016. Investment in Q3 of 2017 was 35 percent higher than in Q3 of 2016. This high level of...

A Closer Look at Block Chain Technology
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John Shea, CIO, Eaton Vance

As the CIO of Eaton Vance, I’d be compelled to say that the role of a CIO has advanced over the years.Fortunately, I started off in financial services and got some first-hand experience on software development and was able to inculcate...

The Transformative Impact of Information Technology on Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

The global insurance marketplace will be undergoing a radical reformation in the coming decade which represents a meaningful opportunity for marketplace visionaries. Thus, the management teams at global insurers and reinsurers can no longer...

Strategies to Best Leverage Insurance Software
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The insurance software market has utilized IT systems and insurance software, founded upon practicality, and their ability to process claims and store data. But in order to keep up, insurance brokers require technology that is all encompassing....

Using Low Cost, Off-the-shelf Mobile Apps to Build Flexible Mobile Solutions
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Kevin Madsen, Technical Services Group Manager, Stanley Consultants

You have probably read numerous articles and blogs about the accelerating rate of change in business as well as technology. Change in the corporate world is happening at an increasingly rapid pace due to new customer demands and new project...

Ready. Set. Go Mobile! Low Code Platforms Assist Enterprises in Developing Better Mobile Apps, Faster
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Richard Rabins, CEO and Founder, Alpha Software Corporation

The Promise of Enterprise Mobility You see it every day: employees use an average of three different devices in their daily routine and require constant on-demand data accessibility and freedom from their desktops. Research shows that...

Compliance-Not Only For Banks
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Bassam Alousi, Director-Technology, White Clarke Group

Due to the global finance market regulations, Banks and Financial Institutions are forced to comply with several regulatory requirements. In the past, these regulatory requirements were specific to the Banking and Financing Organizations. In...

Outsourcing Print-Smooth Sailing or Stormy Seas?
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Gina Ferrara, Senior Analyst, Madison Advisors

Determining whether to shut down your internal print and mail operation and outsource to a print service provider, or keep it in-house and potentially make a capital investment in new technology can be a tough conversation. Those in favor of the...

Infusing Best Practices in Insurance IT
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Scott Names, CIO, Church Mutual Insurance Company

How has the role of a CIO in the insurance space evolved over the years? Information Technology is very much at the pulse of the insurance business. There are few core business processes— encompassing claims, underwriting or finance...

Gateway to Business Technology Insurance
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Martin P. Rose, CIO, Pinellas County Government

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:  It seems every aspect of our lives is insured in some respect; life, home, health, auto. What about insurance for technology systems and applications which run our businesses? Business operations...

Rocket Science and Human Factors: 2 Key Insights That Helped Us Succeed in Our Use of Predictive Analytics to Drive Better Claim Outcomes
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Dr. Gary Anderberg PhD, SVP Claim Analytics, Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.

Predictive Analytics (PA) is not new to the insurance industry. Actuaries and underwriters have been using it for years to model the cost of risk and make premium decisions. The advent of big data, easy access to multiple data sources, cheap...

Cloud Technology Enables Small Insurance Carriers to Compete with the Larger Carriers
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Anil Annadata, Founder and CEO, CodeObjects, Inc

In a traditional insurance systems project, companies spent significant time and resources acquiring software and hardware, installing the system, customizing the platform to fit their needs, building interfaces with third party providers, and...

Profit from the Obvious - The Help Desk Data
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Liz Tluchowski, CIO, Frenkel & Company

I was pleased when asked to write a piece on some facet of my experience as a CIO. After 30 years of having seen and taken part in the world of networks, cloud computing, virus concerns, super storms, and most importantly defense against...

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