Tools for Seamless Blockchain Application Testing
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Blockchain is widely being adopted across most of the prominent industries. By its unique design, blockchain works based on a decentralized technology, eliminating the risks that could occur with centralization of data. Testing is a critical part...

Can AI Help Blockchain Adoption?
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Aarthi Srinivasan, Director, Target

Funding has never been easier with $4B raised by Block. One in less than a year and $33M obtained in 30 seconds by SingularityNet. Over $11B in investments transpired in 2018 with 80 percent year over year growth in just the first half of this...

Riding the Blockchain Wave: Challenges and Opportunities
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Eric Piscini, Principal Global Blockchain Leader, Deloitte

Blockchain provides the ability to perform peer-to-peer, real-time, immutable and trusted transactions without the requirement of a third party. Cryptocurrencies – with Bitcoin as a trailblazer – have been the first and largest success...

The Pace of Technological Progress
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David Talach, Payments Product Lead, Square

In the light of your experience as a senior leader in payments arena what are the technological trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the space? I think it’s important to remember that technological advancements on...

Blockchain Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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Jennifer M. O’Rourke, Deputy Director, Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Blockchain has matured quite interestingly. Five years ago, the distributed ledger technology marketplace was almost comprehensively characterized and recognized by Bitcoin as a protocol. Further, it presented very little utility beyond the...

The Transformative Impact of Information Technology on Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

The global insurance marketplace will be undergoing a radical reformation in the coming decade which represents a meaningful opportunity for marketplace visionaries. Thus, the management teams at global insurers and reinsurers can no longer...

The Future of Blockchain
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With the advent of blockchain technology during the invention of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has now provided the economy with far more advanced opportunity through its peer-to-peer sharing method. The new technology is allowing the finance market to...

The four Latest Trends Transforming Fintech
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FinTech is transforming and replacing the conventional financial services that include money transfer, mobile payments, loans fundraising, and asset management by embracing the latest technology. The four major trends in the fintech are:...

The Secure Cloud for Insurance Carriers
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Michael Stoeckert, CTO, ProAssurance

Public clouds are the most recognized form of cloud in many industries, but private and hybrid clouds dominate regulated industries. In a private cloud, all resources in the operating environment are dedicated to a single client. This ensures...

Compete or Partner: Banks See Rise of FinTech Solutions
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Christopher Kennedy, VP, Quantitative Finance Manager, BankUnited [NYSE:BKU]

FinTech—or simply financial technology—is moving at the speed of innovation. FinTech originally represented the shift of traditional brick-and-mortar banking to online and mobile platforms. Now, FinTech embodies a deluge of Silicon...

Cloud Technology Enables Small Insurance Carriers to Compete with the Larger Carriers
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Anil Annadata, Founder and CEO, CodeObjects, Inc

In a traditional insurance systems project, companies spent significant time and resources acquiring software and hardware, installing the system, customizing the platform to fit their needs, building interfaces with third party providers, and...

When CIO Means Chief Insight Officer
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Augustine Doe, VP of Enterprise Risk Management, Network Health Inc.

Cyber risk is top of mind for most CEOs, according to a recent survey by Marsh. Heightened awareness and increased risk has led companies to look for more effective ways of dealing with cyber vulnerability, most notably in the guise of new...

Insuring Bitcoin Technology
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Ty R. Sagalow, CEO and Founder, Innovation Insurance Group

In the mid to late 1990s, the insurance industry was struggling with “the Y2k crisis”, not only in connection with its own systems, but more importantly, with the systems of all their policyholders. As the Chief Underwriting Officer of...

Diastasys: Future-proof Insurance Solutions Based on Microsoft Dynamics
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Angelos Kontos, Founder & Technical Manager

Provides future-proof enterprise software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technologies for core insurance applications

ClarionDoor: Cloud-Optimized Tech Solutions for Digital Insurers
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Michael DeGusta, CEO

Founded in 2010, ClarionDoor is a provider of rating and quoting solutions for insurance organizations. ClarionDoor is considered a modern provider of cloud-based insurance solutions. The company is partnering with Adaptik, Agencyport, Amazon Web...

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