6 Best Practices for Implementing a Producer Lifecycle Management Software
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Steven Lazar, Product Manager, VUE Software

You face a challenge. You picked, or are in the process of picking, a software vendor to help automate and manage your Producer Lifecycle Management. However, now you must deal with the complexity of the insurance world; every state has its own...

Serving Kindness through Ameliorated Workflows
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Ramu Kannan, Former CIO, CityMD

At CityMD, our vision is to serve kindness. Our workflows are geared towards enabling all our staff to serve kindness in everything they do. As the IT leader, my job is to scan the technology landscape continuously. I see what innovative...

How Insurers can Leverage Photo-based Solutions to Combat Auto Insurance Fraud?
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Alex Meisner, Director of Innovation, Snapsheet

Stretching the truth is common, especially in auto insurance. When drivers get into a car crash, insureds can easily include Unrelated Prior Damage, e.g., a cracked head lamp or a dented fenderfrom not being careful in a parking garage....

What have we learned about AI?
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Gary Anderberg, SVP, Claim Analytics, Gallagher-Bassett

New technologies can be very seductive. We all know the process. A new type of application begins making waves in some areas of financial services. It becomes the buzzword du jour. Articles about it proliferate. “Predictive analytics”...

Chatbots Reborn - A Renaissance for the Humble Bot
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Christopher Frankland, Digital Enterprise Architect, Ameritas

Chatbots for a long time have existed to amuse, frustrate and at times entertain (albeit unintentionally). The term "ChatterBot" was originally coined by Michael Mauldin (creator of the first Verbot, Julia) in 1994 to describe...

How Underwriting will Change with Machine Learning
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Mary Kotch, CIO, Validus Reinsurance

Digital technology is changing insurance. The traditional insurance business model has proved to be remarkably resilient, and many legacy processes we use today are 50 years old due to regulation, compliance, and the preceding view that technology...

Empowering Insurance Using Cloud
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Ron Guerrier, CIO, Express Scripts

Technology has driven a paradigm shift in business operations today. In addition to catering to customer demands, companies seek to offer them an outstanding experience. In the insurance sector, serving the customers requires companies to be...

Core Conversion Survival Guide
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Eddie Ho, CIO, Los Alamos National Bank

With the pressure of the regulatory compliance environment driving the financial industry to a highly-standardized processing model, and the rise of customer expectations for up-to-date banking services, financial institutions are forced to...

The Transformative Impact of Information Technology on Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

The global insurance marketplace will be undergoing a radical reformation in the coming decade which represents a meaningful opportunity for marketplace visionaries. Thus, the management teams at global insurers and reinsurers can no longer...

Technology to the Rescue: Streamlining Flood Insurance Applications and Claims Processing Around Natural Disasters
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Tim Love, CIO, Wright Flood

Nobody wanted to see the series of natural disasters that hit the United States this year. But twin storms striking some of the country’s most vulnerable flood states has highlighted technology’s power to revolutionize the flood...

Volume-To-Value: The Analytics Promise
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Ursula Cottone, Chief Data Officer, Citizens Bank [NYSE:CFG]

The use of analytics in banking and finance is a hot topic of discussion today. There have been numerous conferences with audiences growing every day. Analytics in banking is clearly not just a matter of interest for chief data officers, because...

Insurance Chatbots - Current and Future Opportunities
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Mike Fitzgerald, Senior Analyst, Celent

Consumer and agent expectations regarding customer service are expanding from online retailing into other industries. Insurance is no exception. Increasingly, customers want to access their providers at any time, on multiple devices, and expect...

Ready. Set. Go Mobile! Low Code Platforms Assist Enterprises in Developing Better Mobile Apps, Faster
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Richard Rabins, CEO and Founder, Alpha Software Corporation

The Promise of Enterprise Mobility You see it every day: employees use an average of three different devices in their daily routine and require constant on-demand data accessibility and freedom from their desktops. Research shows that...

Building Towards Tomorrow: Driving Change in Insurance
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” Warren Buffett. Some industries are known as “bleeding edge.” These industries are willing to take large risks with new technology...

Understanding Insurance Security
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Sean Murphy, VP & CISO, Premera Blue Cross

Traditionally, the healthcare industry has been reluctant to embrace the cloud. In many cases, for good reason. There were unclear supplier obligations under HIPAA along with sketchy access and data control provisions that really slowed adoption....

Analytical Intelligence Influencing Insurance
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Ravi Krishnan, CIO, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.

The Technological Emphasis Technology at Woodruff Sawyer is envisioned to be a key driver to future business growth, rather than merely being a back-office function. In other words, all key business leaders at the company are looking at...

Underwriting Workstations Enable Insurance Transformation
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John Belizaire, CEO, FirstBest Systems

A transformational outlook is emerging among chief information officers in property/casualty insurance companies. It is a mandate for change and technology enabled growth. In pursuing this mandate, insurance CIOs and their business counter parts...

Profit from the Obvious - The Help Desk Data
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Liz Tluchowski, CIO, Frenkel & Company

I was pleased when asked to write a piece on some facet of my experience as a CIO. After 30 years of having seen and taken part in the world of networks, cloud computing, virus concerns, super storms, and most importantly defense against...

Technology Expectations Insurance Industry Clients Should Have of Their Outside Counsel
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Bob Dolinsky, CIO, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan

Insurance industry clients should have certain technology expectations when employing outside counsel. These expectations will vary depending on the scope of services provided by a law firm to a client as well as the requirements of the client,...

Accenture Introduces Updates for Duck Creek P&C Software Suite
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Insurance CIO Outlook

NEW YORK, NY: Accenture unveils the latest version of their property & casualty (P&C) insurance software, Accenture Duck Creek Suite; that helps insurers transforms their business. The release focuses on new customer-centric functionality...

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