Agency Management System Security Breaches and Ease of Use Comes to the Forefront

2020 presented previously unimaginable challenges that tested all of us in our personal and business lives. 2021 will present new challenges. My crystal ball shows me two areas that will be game-changers for insurance agents and agencies. Software Security and Ease of Use.

First, software security should be your foremost concern. If it’s not, it should be. We will be seeing more bad actors breaching insurance agency management systems (AMS), wreaking havoc. It’s surprising how lacking most current systems are with their security.

As an example, one AMS used by over 3,500 agencies nationwide has only 10 security points. Trinilogics “JAMS” AMS has 273. What you don’t’ know can devastate your agency. Too many applications are “legacy” applications, meaning they were originally written years ago.

Instead of updating their technology software, the companies simply continue to patch their old technology, giving their applications a dated and inconsistent look and feel. AMS software, at a minimum, should ensure your data is encrypted seamlessly with a high-level encryption called Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules.

What does that mean for your agency? That means even if your agency’s network is compromised, your actual data files are safe. It’s time to re-evaluate your AMS – now.

Second, after software security, the next game-changer in 2021 is ease of use. This is especially important now with so much work-at-home business being conducted. The availability of new AMS software offers the opportunity for agencies and agents to enjoy major time saving.

Your current AMS requires you to exit one system to access another to import or export data/documents or complete many other functions. New AMS software is now available that is all-inclusive. What a time-saver! And time is money.
This new AMS software provides full functionality for every aspect of conducting your business, not only for broad categories such as Accounting,
Insurance Documentation, Sales Management, etc, but for a multitude of sub-categories including Email Integration, Mail Merge,
John White, Founder & CEO, Trinilogics, LLCJohn White, Founder,CEO, Trinilogics, LLC

Direct Text Communication, and much more. This new AMS software has powerful, intuitive functionality, so you and your employees are trained and working in mere days, not weeks! This allows you and your team to focus valuable time on your clients, building new business, and achieving even greater success!

New, 21st century AMS software will streamline your workflow, not cause bottlenecks. It will be intuitive, not only to IT departments or your Admin,but for ALL users. This new software has more features and options than you may ever expect to use, but in all likelihood, as your business continues to grow you will need some features later that you don’t need now. That being said, the new software gives your Admin full control of customizing all screens, turning on or off the features as needed. The Admin will also have complete customization control over the features accessible by each individual user.

Trinilogics “JAMS” agency management system software provides our clients all the security and ease-of-use functions discussed in this article. A word to the wise is sufficient. There is nothing more important you can do to protect your agency and easily improve its productivity than to explore moving from your outdated 20th century AMS software to modern, 21st century software. It should be Priority One.

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