Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, September 17,2020

Feature of the Week

A Robo-advisor, the online platform that produces automated advice based on algorithms without human intervention, can be integrated into every step of Insurance.  Read more
For realizing the full potential of technology investments, insurance firms must overcome the obstacles to growth presented by incompatible legacy technologies.  Read more
To identify the real differentiator is based on how companies communicate and engage with customers. Data generated by users can be used by insurers to enhance customer commitment further, improve processes, and reduce costs.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Julia Davis, CIO , Aflac  
Every CIO has been there. We’ve all gotten a request that seems impossible at the time and have been tasked with doing something beyond conventional methods.  Read more
By Liz Tluchowski, CIO, Frenkel & Company  
After 30 years of having seen and taken part in the world of networks, cloud computing, virus concerns, super storms, and most importantly defense against hacking, I wondered what was there to write about.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Anil Annadata, CEO  
A leading insurance technology firm, offering highly configurable, cloud-based policy administration system namely, PolicyEnterprise  Read more
By Michael Kelly, CEO  
The FINEOS AdminSuite, the cloud-based SaaS, is flexible enough to go into different markets and adapt to its changes. Besides being a complete policy administration solution software for an insurer’s source of truth, managing the full lifecycle and all transactions and interactions at both group and member level, the FINEOS AdminSuite is also working for employee benefits. While the carriers provide the employers and employees with a system of record financially covering the protection needs, FINEOS offers extra benefits in the form of concierge services. The employee benefits include removing their stress, taking care of their mental health, and preempting or preventing accidents or injuries  Read more
By Nick Sochurek, Senior Manager  
Provides a unique combination of subject matter expertise and industry-leading technology to corporations and their legal counsel. One of the Top Policy Administration Solution Providers, KCIC offers Ligado, a web-based policy administration tool that centralizes all users, uses, data, and documents onto one easy-to-use platform. The solution enables policyholders and their legal counsel to capture, organize, interpret, and access insurance data for efficient and complete research and analysis. Besides comprehensive bankruptcy evidence verification (BEV), claims administration, and policy analysis and management tools, Ligado includes a general document library, a document review portal, a plaintiffs portal, and a schemes and insolvency component  Read more

CXO Insights

By Jonathan Charak, FCAS, MAAA, Assistant Vice President and Actuary, Zurich. Vice Chair of the Casualty Actuarial Society's Automated Vehicles Task Force  
The insurance industry is currently undergoing an incredible amount of change, driven by the blistering pace of technological advancements.  Read more
By Steve Messina, Sr. Vice President Insurance Operations, Bankers Insurance Group  
With the emergence of cloud-based policy administration and claims systems, P&C carriers now have the necessary tools to improve the customer experience by offering a window into the claims process.  Read more