Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Friday, August 16,2019

Feature of the Week

Technology is transforming the process of subscription by enabling more real-time access to information.  Read more
The aim of applying data analytics in the insurance industry is to optimize marketing strategies, improve business, enhance revenue, and reduce costs.  Read more
The creation of a new corporate culture will attract the right kind of talent to help bring the business to the next higher level and stay ahead of the digital curve.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Stacey Goodman, EVP & CIO, CIT Group  
It’s been years since the advent of online financial services, but consumers and business owners would be hard-pressed to identify another financial industry innovation.  Read more
By David Otte, CAO and Former CIO, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP  
The role of Information Technology leadership is no longer simply about managing applications, infrastructure, and data. IT leadership has expanded to include managing critical processes, costs, clients, revenue streams, growth, and more.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Nir Perry, CEO & Founder  
Cyberwrite's leadership identifies issues and decides to develop a set of technologies and products which would improve the capacity of business owners to purchase cyber insurance policies that are best suited to their needs. Our platform is designed to bridge the gap between the unique, comprehensive underwriter needs and the dynamically and rapidly evolving cyber security world. Our solutions are focused at Cyber Insurance and Cyber Underwriting for the banking industry. The Company adapts its algorithms to each carrier’s policy using a tailor-made workshop based on the cyber profile platform adding value insurance information and consultancy services to achieve the highest accuracy level for each carrier  Read more
By Aleksander Wistuba, PresidentMirosław Kościński, Board Member And Andrzej Pasek, Board Member  
Digital Care offers an array of innovative solutions including protection for mobile devices, repairs, smartphone rental programs, refurbishment and buy-back. Through its rental programs designed for mobile operators, consumers can affordably access the latest smartphones available in the market. The company brings two innovative solutions, Scanbox and MirrorCheck. The former checks the screen condition by scanning the device while the latter checks for cracks on the screen quickly by capturing an image of the screen by placing the device in front of a mirror  Read more
By Ryan Jones, CEO  
ThreatInformer is cyber insurance technology provider that offers clear and actionable Cyber risk data to brokers, underwriters, and reinsurers. Brokers can use ThreatInformer's data to engage with their clients on cyber risk. Underwriters can assess the risk of a specific insured as well as managing risk across their portfolio. Reinsurers can easily manage cedant disclosures, get aggregate data that goes beyond geography, class, and industry, and create a concrete foundation for their Cyber risk models  Read more

CXO Insights

By Clive O'Connell, Partner- Head of Insurance and Reinsurance, McCarthy Denning  
Insurtech products are bound by the existing regulatory framework and law. It will take considerable time to change either. Therefore, insurtech products must conform with the existing infrastructure.  Read more
By Andrew Shaw, Founder & CEO, Coya  
Having been lucky enough to build up a digital insurance carrier with my team over the last few years though, I’m pretty certain you will need to consider the challenges below and milestones along the way.  Read more