Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, April 08,2021

Feature of the Week

Owners should not look at the real outlay when calculating the expense of insurance policy administration tools. Even if it can seem to be a significant investment at first, owners must realize the long-term financial benefits that their syste  Read more
A centralized workflow automation system that allows for the management of business rules and activity tracking can aid in the development of a standardized process across all channels.  Read more
With massive technological advancements at bay, the insurance companies can improve their policy management and reap long-term benefits.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Chris Purcell, CIO, PEMCO  
By looking at data and statistics to create innovation and disruption within the industry, we can uncover new ways to provide insurance to our customers that will save both time and money.  Read more
By Greg Tacchetti, CIO, State Auto  
A few recent examples of productivity improvement driven by ML algorithms are the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV)  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Trevor Cameron, Co-founder and CEOKelsey Cameron, Co-founder and Director of Marketing & Development  
Philofacts Ltd is a small, start-up company, offering a totally-electronic data management system to insurance claims handlers  Read more
By Joe Wilds, CSO, SVPMarc Dutton, CEO and CarlArndt-Krapp, CIO  
FJA effectively caters to the needs of carriers through its Unified Product Platform (UPP) for group insurance and health  Read more
By Andy Bhushan, Founder and President  
Citytwig uses AI and machine learning to help people find the right insurance carriers and subsequent products. Citytwig is a platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to build out personalized insurance coverage roadmaps for end-users based on their unique story. The platform helps carriers, agencies, agents and end-users identify specific product recommendations for consumers and businesses that would provide adequate coverage throughout their life-cycle. The uniqueness of Citytwig’s insurtech platform stems from the transparency it enables with all the data in one place and its ability to understand data and glean meaningful insights for increasing sales  Read more

CXO Insights

By Leslie (Les) Hermitt Jr. Chief Digital Officer C&F Digital Partners business unit  
The trend toward online self-service in all aspects of our daily lives has precipitated a major disruption in the insurance industry, first in personal lines and more recently in the commercial space.  Read more
By Michael Stoeckert, CEO, The Stoeckert Group  
A risk-based assessment process for third parties providing parts and materials for the supply chain is also critically important, beginning with knowledge of every item’s source  Read more