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November 15, 2018

Insurance CIO Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Proper financial documentation will add more value to the underwriting and is an integral part of the process of underwriting because buyers work on hundreds of deals at a time.
Principal Financial, a life insurer introduced an accelerated underwriting (AU) program for face amounts up to a million dollars with the same characteristics and premium as a fully underwritten product.
Organizations gather a huge amount of data from different sources to gain unique insights into human behavior and decision-making.
Featured Vendors
Provides an end-to-end insurance BI solution that gives access to real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across the entire enterprise.
HYLA Mobile, formerly eRecyclingCorps, is one of the world’s leading providers of products and services that capture extend and optimize the life and value of pre-owned mobile devices.
Offers an innovative platform that looks at inaccurate transactions that occur in the healthcare and the property and casualty market sector.
CIO Viewpoint
Stacey Goodman, EVP & CIO, CIT Group
It’s been years since the advent of online financial services, but consumers and business owners would be hard-pressed to identify another financial industry innovation.
Sebastian Pariath, COO & CIO, John Hancock
Customer Centricity, knowing your customer, customer intimacy and proactive customer management are strategies that continue to carry the day across all industries.
CXO Insights
By Robert Horrobin, AVP, John Hancock
AAPs’ abilities to demonstrate value is key, especially to avoid being viewed as a cost sink.
By Alex Meisner, Director of Innovation, Snapsheet
By embracing technology and engaging with customers, insurance providers can streamline the claims process and prevent illegal activity.