Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, June 10,2021

Feature of the Week

Advanced image analytics can be applied in casualty and property insurance to analyzing images of cars in accidents, deciding parameters, as well as estimating the replacement costs.  Read more
Partner Allies provide services and products which work with the Partner Platform agency management system to boost the independent agency's capacity to retain, grow, and service clients.  Read more
Emerging technologies create ample opportunities for insurers to change with the times, deliver a consistent client experience, and develop new services and products.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Jacob Sorensen, CIO, Bank of the West  
Finance is at the forefront of moving from explaining what happened, to predicting what will happen, and enabling the business to prepare for that future  Read more
By George Di Martino, EVP & CIO, TransRe  
Capital is no longer a differentiator in the re/ insurance industry.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Frank Stephens, Co-Founder  
A SaaS-based insurance tech platform powering certificate of insurance tracking and management via cutting-edge machine learning algorithms  Read more
By Adam Manus, President and Chief Brokerage Officer, Director of HolbornScott Rosenthal, Senior Vice President, Head of Analytics at Holborn  
Holborn is an independent reinsurance intermediary offering responsive account services, customized and proprietary analytics, and global access to their clients, helping them better understand the risks. They dig deep into the data to analyze the exposure profile of their insurance carrier clients and identify risk trends, both to inform clients and to design optimized reinsurance programs. Holborn has built a flexible risk modeling framework that customizes and captures each portfolio’s unique loss characteristics. Their capabilities have helped them serve multiple clients in the Midwestern states exposed to frequent tornados, hail storms, hurricanes, and derechos  Read more
By Amin Khoshandam, CTO  
Digital and fully automated solutions provider for claim processing and management  Read more

CXO Insights

By Scot Hansen, Enterprise Data Governance Director, Farm Bureau Financial Services  
At its core data governance enables companies to leverage data as an enterprise asset, by ensuring data is well defined, trusted, fit for purpose, secured, and managed across the company and disparate systems  Read more
By Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), ERGO Group  
We know our AI Factory is just at its beginning. However, with every algorithm we deploy, with every task we create, a more mature environment system evolves  Read more