Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 14,2019

Feature of the Week

Insurance processes are often complex, involving various players such as consumers, brokers, insurers, and reinsurers.  Read more
When used effectively, social media can establish insurers’ reputation in terms of customer-centricity and trust.  Read more
Technology-driven legal document management systems help organizations boost their business productivity and enable them to tackle the present market challenges.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Kim Jacques, CIO, Lombard International  
In my opinion, the biggest challenge we face involves innovation as it pertains to policy design and marketing approaches.  Read more
By Ron Guerrier, CIO, Express Scripts  
CISOs must also be a part of the panel formulating the cloud strategy, as they are capable of identifying potential risks in various cloud environments.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Michael Furlong, Founder & CEO  
California based company Indio Technologies is building modern technology for insurance agencies since 2016. Indio Technologies makes insurance fast, easy, and E&O free, saving agency time and money. The platform comes armed with 5,000+ digitally enhanced smart ​insurance applications, full e-signature solution, and secure document sharing. Insurance agencies and brokerages like Vantreo, Risk Strategies, MJ, Heffernan, Gregory&appel, Risk Strategies, Hub are using Indio’s platform. Indio Technology provides bank-grade security to their agents by protecting the customer’s data using AES-256 encryption. The company simplifies the insurance application process for brokers and clients  Read more
By Ilya Bodner, Founder & CEO  
The insurtech innovator company, which is based in Columbus, reduces the friction out of commercial insurance. The products of the company are a powerful recommendation engine, single-interface, multiple-quote capability, user-controlled carrier ranking setting. Users can build their powerful user interface on top of the Recommendation Engine. Nationwide, Hiscox, Inguard, Liberty Mutual, Mylo, Bizinsure, Attune, Markel, Homesite, Hill&HAmilton are a few partners currently using the technology Bold Penguin. Bold Penguin collaborates with their partners to make underwriting small commercial simpler, faster, and profitable. Bold Penguin deals with categories like a commercial, insurance, insurtech, and internet  Read more
By Jason Crabtree, CEO & Co-Founder  
QOMPLX started with the vision to harness complexity for everyone. After over 750K hours of engineering, they launched foundational capabilities ranging from data handling, analytics, and reporting to advanced algorithms, simulations, and machine learning to help companies see their world differently and in greater detail to solve their toughest challenges. In the present time, QOMPLX makes it faster and easier for organizations to integrate all of the disparate data sources across the enterprise into a unified analytics infrastructure to make better decisions. QOMPLX:OS, an enterprise operating system, also powers QOMPLX’s decision platforms for cybersecurity, insurance underwriting, and quantitative finance  Read more

CXO Insights

By Kenan Bubela, VP - Development and Engineering Services, USAA  
Digital transformation is arduous and complicated, but essential to remaining relevant in a digital world.  Read more
By Michael Freilich, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Renaissance Alliance  
In the insurance industry, in particular, AI applications are becoming increasingly common; it is rare to find an insurance startup that does not use the words “machine learning” in its pitch deck.  Read more