Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, January 20,2022

Feature of the Week

Quility is backed by over 4,000 licensed insurance agents nationwide, providing clients with convenient access to expert advice and support.  Read more
Client expectations and mindsets have changed dramatically in the last ten years  Read more
​Over the last year, there has been a dramatic shift in the way pension schemes are managed, emphasizing administering them online  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Chris Purcell, CIO, PEMCO  
By looking at data and statistics to create innovation and disruption within the industry, we can uncover new ways to provide insurance to our customers that will save both time and money.  Read more
By Douglas Duncan, Vice President, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group  
Project management has been around since humans developed the capacity to plan for the future and make connections between cause and effect  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Alec Miloslavsky, Chairman and CEO  
Provides powerful, highly configurable, and simple-to-use policy administration system that empowers insurers to manage the entire insurance lifecycle across multiple products from a single platform  Read more
By John Varghese, President and CEO  
Offers a cloud-based SaaS application to automate and streamline claims processes in the insurance industry  Read more
By Kimberly Duke, CMO, and Vice President of Sales  
LIDP policy admin system, Titanium, provides life insurance carriers the ability to digitally transform while minimizing risk. Titanium is more than a core system for life insurance carriers, it meets the needs of their agents and field force as well as the needs of the modern consumer. As a 42-year expert in the life insurance industry LIDP’s new offering delivers a true end-to-end solution in one complete package. Digital agency, agent portal, new business, real time payments, e-issue, e-sign, e-deliver, automated underwriting, billing, payouts, claims, and several subsystem portals are just the beginning. This solution is meant to be the bridge that connects legacy insurance administration solutions to the next generation of buying and selling life insurance products  Read more

CXO Insights

By Parth Shukla, Group Manager, Insurance at Intuit QuickBooks  
The small business ecosystem has evolved in a number of ways since the onset of the pandemic.  Read more
By Michael Baptista, Founding Partner, Assembly Capital Partners  
This is an exciting time to be focused on technology in insurance. There is a clear need for structural improvement  Read more