Blockchain Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Jennifer M. O’Rourke, Deputy Director, Office Of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology, Illinois Department Of Commerce And Economic Opportunity

Life Insurance and Technology, They go Hand in Hand

Craig Campbell, COO, EPIC Specialty Benefits

DeepFraud: The One-Stop Solution for Fraud Detection, Triage, and Investigation

Michael Saltzman, Co-Founder & COO and Tomas Vykruta, Co-Founder & CEO

Most carriers own a tremendous amount of data but their current fraud detection and prevention models—or even the solutions offered by other vendors—go about analyzing just two percent. Our product can analyze and learn from 95 percent of the data

Artificial Intelligence: Empowering People - Not Machines

Michael Freilich, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Renaissance Alliance

What have we learned about AI?

What have we learned about AI?

Gary Anderberg, SVP, Claim Analytics, Gallagher-Bassett

The Insurance Industry must open Mind to the Energy From Insurtech

The Insurance Industry must open Mind to the Energy From Insurtech

Clive O'Connell, Partner- Head of Insurance and Reinsurance, McCarthy Denning

People, Processes, and Technology: Mantra for Cybersecurity

Michael Stoeckert, CTO, ProAssurance [NYSE:PRA]

There is no one category that will create and maintain a healthy cybersecurity program

Match Game 2.0

Match Game 2.0

Clint Roszelle, Director – Enterprise Process Excellence, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation