Bardavon Health Innovations: Streamlining Healthcare for Workers’ Compensation Patients

Matt Condon, Chief Executive Officer, Bardavon Health InnovationsMatt Condon, Chief Executive Officer
Undoubtedly, the people who build our houses and roads, fight fires, and keep the national supply chain open deserve exceptional care. However, incorporating meaningful clinical data is a significant hindrance during workers’ compensation claims processing. The current architecture of the workers’ compensation system focuses on exclusively managing care through claims data, which adversely impacts the total cost, duration, and outcome of care. Bardavon Health Innovations is transforming claims processing with innovative solutions that connect all stakeholders, from physicians, claims examiners, adjusters, and providers, to improve information exchange, quality, and the speed of care for workers’ compensation patients. The company is a proactive workers’ compensation digital health partner that delivers injury prevention, treatment, and work readiness solutions through its national network of over 22,000 therapy providers.

With its Digital Health Platform, Bardavon renders end-to-end solutions and is a one-stop shop for effective claims management for Workers’ Compensation patients. The platform provides a holistic analysis of a claim throughout its life cycle, enabling patients to achieve optimized functional outcomes and return to full duty. More importantly, the platform undertakes a quality-driven approach to treating American workers’ compensation patients rather than a cost-containment approach. Besides improving the quality of care, Bardavon’s platform acquaints all the stakeholders of the treatment’s cost, impact, and outcome at all times. “Our platform allows us to drive analysis, insight, and oversight of every case that we intervene on, ensuring workers’ compensation patients are receiving the right amount of care,” states Matt Condon, Chief Executive Officer at Bardavon Health Innovations.

The company’s fully automated cloud-based bNOTES® solution (a part of Bardavon’s Digital Health Platform) connects all Bardavon partners, from the employer to the therapy provider, to streamline treatment for patients. Using bNOTES, therapy providers inthe Bardavon network can assess the treatment at all steps and make timely interventions in care. The bNOTES solution also identifies outlier cases early in the care process to enable proactive changes in the treatment process and keeps the treatment of the injured worker on track. Moreover, the platform continually learns from its services and evolves accordingly to optimize care and enhance the patient experience.

Our platform allows us to drive analysis, insight, and oversight of every case that we intervene on, ensuring workers' compensation patients are receiving the right amount of care

A recent research study validated by a premier independent third-party actuarial firm illustrates thatclinical support is enhanced when supplemented by analytics through the Bardavon platform. The study also validates that claims processing managed through the platform translates into more significant financial savings than the traditional approach. It was identified that the duration of both non-surgical and surgical cases was lowered, the number of visits was reduced, and the percentage of cases exceeding the duration of the outlier threshold decreased by as much as 13 percent. In essence, the study substantiated that the Bardavon platform’s analytics drove benefits for providers, payers, and claims examiners, improving the financial ROI and increasing patient experience.

Deployed in all 50 states across the U.S., Bardavon Health Innovations has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the workers’ compensation health landscape. The company plans to add more innovative features to its digital platform to improve transparency for the stakeholders in the workers’ compensation realm while also improving health outcomes for the patients at the same time.

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Bardavon Health Innovations

Bardavon Health Innovations

Overland Park, KS

Matt Condon, Chief Executive Officer

Bardavon Health Innovations offers innovative solutions to improve the health and recovery of Workers’ Compensation patients.