Builders Protection Group, LLC: Thwarting Risks through Strategic Planning and Execution

Adam Shaw, CEO, Builders Protection Group, LLCAdam Shaw, CEO
The building and construction sector is always prone to risks and uncertain situations. According to a paper in the International Journal of Engineering Research, the whole industry is vulnerable to physical, organizational, financial, environmental, socio-political, technical, and constructional risks, both internally and externally.

Monetary shortages, lack of communication between stakeholders, poor labor coordination, import & export restrictions, currency fluctuations and safety hazards on the sites itself are mostly considered high impact risks. And yet, despite the variables, almost every construction company either shifts or avoids such risks or finds a temporary way out. Needless to say, without finding a timely solution to prevent the root cause, companies are informal, reactive and unprepared for challenging situations.

Builders Protection Group LLC (BPG), founded in 2003, is a leading strategic risk management, and construction service firm that caters primarily to builders and developers. Working in residential, mixeduse, commercial and government constructional projects, the enterprise is known for providing a complete suite of services at every stage of construction. “Our core value is to make people’s homes better, safer and, less expensive,” says Adam Shaw, CEO, Builders Protection Group.

Dealing with over 1000 developments each year, BPG works with major worldwide insurance companies, banks, municipal entities, cities, and government projects.

As one of the business models, Builders Protection Group offers developer-specific services where all their projects will be administered with proven risk management strategies and specialized site inspection/quality control services.

The enterprise also provides services for risk transference. As a part of risk management, Builders Protection Group provides insurance services, including an all-encompassing wrap liability policy.

Our core value is to make people’s homes better, safer and, less expensive

In addition, the enterprise conducts an enrollment orientation meeting with the developer, general contractor, and subcontractors who applied for the Wrap insurance policy.

Under BPG’s Wrap administration, participants can easily enroll for owner/ contractor controlled insurance programs (OCIP/CCIP) and receive their premiums fairly allocated as an additional service. This service allows developers to recover a significant amount of capital that would have otherwise been lost with manual processes. Consequently, Builders Protection Group offers ‘Risk-Review’ services where the construction site will be surveyed for safety concerns with the Developer/General Contractor for processing the Risk Assessment Report (RAR) for review. The Review targets potential areas for concern and helps head off potential issues before they occur. Often times the RAR is coupled with Site Safety visits in an attempt to make construction sites safer and protect the workers.

Another feature of the risk management review is to check home declarations, sales agreements, subcontractor agreements, and prime contract agreements. This helps to ensure that every contract and contractor has appropriate risk transfer, binding arbitration, and loss mitigation wording. BPG’s Insurance carrier services offer notifications and updates about enrollments and other processes of any construction project.

Builders Protection Group targets the financial institutions and private investors of residential real-estate development.

Technology is constantly changing, and it is ever present in the construction field. It is here that BPG attempts to stay at the forefront. “Our strength really lies in the quality of our staff and the ability to change with the times. We are always bringing on new technology to help build a value add to our clients and give the best posable customer service.”

Considering the future roadmap for BPG, CEO Adam Shaw speaks about the uncertain situation surrounding the market, “I wish I had a clear view of the future but we have to make sure with the flow of work. One of the first rules of the business was to evolve or decay, so we are going to attempt to evolve with the industry and try to stay a bit more advanced like we have over the last couple of years, and it seems to be working, so we are going to keep replicating that.”

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Builders Protection Group, LLC

Builders Protection Group, LLC

Lomita, CA

Adam Shaw, CEO

Builders Protection Group, LLC (BPG) is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), strategic risk management and construction services firm providing risk mitigation and construction consultation