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Brian Siemsen, Managing Director & Global CEO, Claim Central ConsolidatedBrian Siemsen, Managing Director & Global CEO Australia’s Northern Territory was hit by a tropical cyclone named Marcus earlier this year. With the destructive winds roaring over 100 kilometers per hour, the cyclone caused tremendous damage. Uprooted trees blocked roads and brought down power supply lines, resulting in widespread power cut-offs for more than a week that affected almost 28,000 households and businesses. New South Wales-based Claim Central Consolidated—a global leader in property, motor, and cyber insurance—swiftly mobilized the affected regions the day the cyclone hit along with immediately assessing various insurance claims. The company managed over a thousand claims within a short period of time using its digital repair fulfillment process and other loss adjusting services.

Claim Central offers a range of claim management services and disruptive insurance technology solutions that help insurers completely digitalize and enhance the customer experience as well as reduce claim lifecycle and operational costs. A prominent part of these offerings is ClaimLogik, which is a cloud-based claims management platform that helps connect all the entities involved in a property insurance claim. ClaimLogik played a crucial role in the restoration work and handling claims across all the areas affected by cyclone Marcus. The platform is capable of improving claim lifecycle efficiencies and providing a better customer experience by offering a holistic view of the activities and status of customers’ claims, from the first notice of loss (FNOL) all the way through to claim completion. ClaimLogik proved extremely beneficial to Glover & Glover—the construction company working on repairs in the aftermath of cyclone Marcus—in simplifying the entire process from tender to repair and sign off.

Claim Central presented Glover & Glover’s team with high-quality and extremely well-documented project scope statements for tendering along with maintaining effective communication on an ongoing basis, which made the construction company’s job much easier. Most of the repairs were finalized within 30 to 50 days and prominently received 10/10 satisfaction scores from customers for the quality of repairs completed. Claim Central’s impact on efficiently speeding up the post-cyclone restoration work is substantiated by the Managing Director of Glover & Glover, Troy Glover’s testimonial. “We have worked in many sizeable events for several insurance companies and loss adjusters over many years, but the way Claim Central operated during Cyclone Marcus was second to none,” remarks Glover. The company was able to achieve such superior outcomes with a combination of its leading-edge technology, experienced loss adjustment skills, and local knowledge supported by Glover & Glover’s qualified and experienced trade partners is what helped.

Digital Claims Management for Enhanced Customer Experience

Along with providing claims management services and innovative technology solutions, Claim Central delivers real-time data insights to make insurance claims easier for both insurers and customers. While the claim management services help manage insurance repairs for property, motor, and cyber claims from the first notification of loss (FNOL) to completion, the company’s proprietary insurance technology makes this entire process as transparent, fast, and low-cost as possible. Claim Central further bolsters these offerings with data analytics to drive continual improvement of clients’ businesses.

Claim Central’s claim management services help manage insurance repairs for property, motor, and cyber claims from the first notification of loss (FNOL) to completion

Under the property claims services, Claim Central manages restoration and repairs on the behalf of insurers for domestic as well as commercial property claims. Supported by a solid foundation of the company’s claims management platform ClaimLogik, these property services provide end-to-end claims and supply chain management that helps reduce claim lifecycle costs for insurers and service providers. Claim Central has created an all-encompassing, flexible, transparent, and scalable model that is backed by a trade network of over 1000 trades, allowing the company to undertake repair projects at short notice for catastrophe events in any location. As the model creates a single point of contact for all repair and restoration claims, it speeds up the claim process and boosts accuracy which significantly benefits both insurers and customers. With these efficient property services, Claim Central has managed more than 72 weather events and catastrophes including the aforementioned cyclone Marcus for a number of leading insurers across the globe.

Furthermore, Claim Central manages repair claims for passenger vehicles, trucks, caravans, trailers, motorbikes, farm vehicles, and more. The company’s customer-centric motor claims services enable fleet managers, insurers, and claims managers to achieve faster and easier automated claims using a smart assessing methodology, and in turn, deliver better customer experience. Also, the company’s cyber claims services assist clients with a simple claims triage process to improve their decision-making along with crisis and reputation management, system restoration, and third-party claims including investigation, forensics activities, remediation, and more.

All of the claim management services enable better decisions with the help of forward-looking and predictive analytical insights. Today, data is more extensively available than ever, and hence, leveraging data to drive smarter strategies is of paramount importance.

Unprecedented Scalability and Increased Customer Retention

Claim Central delivers valuable data-driven insights to help insurers achieve increased claim fulfillment and customer engagement. A better claim experience reduces the likelihood of losing customers to competitors once their claim is completed. “In a technology-driven, customer-centric world, insurers are continuously looking for ways to transform the way claims are managed to remain competitive and relevant to their customers. And as disruptors in the property and motor claims industry, we are dedicated to continual improvement of our technology that will constantly provide clients with a competitive advantage,” states Brian Siemsen, managing director and global CEO of Claim Central.

"ClaimLogik is a cloud-based claims management platform that helps connect all the entities involved in a property insurance claim"

Claim Central has recently signed a three-year deal with Blue Zebra Insurance—a provider of home, motor, and several other insurance products for the broker market—to help simplify the claims process for the client’s entire broker network. Additionally, the company will manage Blue Zebra’s supply chain through the digital claims management platform along with looking to expand the client’s panel of builders, specialists, and suppliers over the coming months. With the help of ClaimLogik, the company plans to automate the client’s claim process by providing comprehensive visibility into claim activities and keeping the brokers and their customers informed of every step in the claims process. Claim Central’s services along with the ClaimLogik platform promise to provide Blue Zero’s broker network with a framework to keep their claims processes under total control. In addition, the company will constantly deliver better insights on claims to the client and also help them bring a claim to completion at a faster rate.

“We are delighted that Blue Zebra has selected our services and ClaimLogik as their technology of choice. The process transparency, speed of settlement, and improvement in operational efficiencies will give Blue Zebra a competitive edge now and well into the future,” asserts Siemsen. Claim Central has also partnered with Uber rental and a Sydney-based car leasing company—Splend—to manage their motor claims across Australia. While Claim Central’s offerings are strengthened by such collaborations with leading organizations around the world, its claims management solution backed by innovative technology that allows for unprecedented scalability is an absolute plus for clients.

To seek continuous advancement and make its offerings more effective, Claim Central gathers constant feedback from insurers, brokers, as well as their customers. The company looks forward to delivering better on its commitment to making insurance claims faster, simpler, and more convenient for both insurers and customers.

- Mithil Vartak
    December 18, 2018